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Haleem trail begins with Sarvi

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Well, it’s little late in the day, considering it’s already a week since the holy month of Ramzan has begun, yet not too late to begin my Hyderabadi Haleem trail. Like every year, Sarvi being the most accessible and somehow dependable, my tryst started from this famous restaurant and bakery on Road No 1, Banjara Hills, bang opposite Care Hospital. Decked like a bride Sarvi looked beautiful and quickly an order was placed. Special haleem comes for Rs 170 and the normal (less nuts, the eating variety I mean 😛 and minus the egg) comes for Rs 150.


The pleasure of having the first haleem of the season can only be experienced. I know someone who actually cries in joy (Yes! In tears literally) and my experience too is somewhere close. The amazingly golden fried onions, the masaledar haleem mixed with oodles of ghee and cashew nuts is the combination to go bonkers over. On a later day I took a box of haleem home, from Sarvi. But alas, the ghee had solidified and somehow the onion were less crunchy and though it was devoured at home; for me – hardly close to eating it hot and delicious.


Sarvi Haleem

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