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Sound Party Review – A Lighthearted Comedy

Sound Party

Sound Party: A Lighthearted Comedy That Ticks the Funny Bone

Sound Party emerges as a lighthearted comedy that tickles the funny bone and warms the heart. Directed by Sanjay Sherry, the film revolves around two – father-son duo, each harboring dreams of a lavish party and a life of ease.

VJ Sunny and Shivannarayana Narripededdi shine as the central duo, their on-screen chemistry and comedic timing creating an infectious energy that carries the film. Their characters, Dollar Kumar and Kuber Kumar, embody the quintessential Telugu aspiration of ‘Sound Party,’ a symbol of success and celebration. At the heart of “Sound Party” is the endearing protagonist, Dollar Kumar, played with energy and comedic timing by VJ Sunny. His unwavering determination to throw a grand party, despite the odds, makes him a relatable and rootable character.

Hritika Srinivas adds a touch of charm as Siricha, the love interest who enters Dollar Kumar’s life. Her presence brings a refreshing contrast to the boisterous male characters, adding a touch of romance and innocence to the narrative.

The supporting cast, including Saptagiri, Ali, and Prudhvi Raj, provides ample doses of laughter with their eccentric personalities and hilarious antics. Their presence adds depth and variety to the film’s comedic tapestry.

Sound Party with VJ Sunny, who rose to fame with reality show Bigg Boss in the lead, weaves a lighthearted narrative that revolves around the pursuit of quick wealth and the desire to throw a grand party. The film’s humor is primarily slapstick and situational, relying on physical gags and witty dialogues to elicit laughs, which is also its undoing as it can come across as a bit much when it stretches into the over two- hours of the film.

While the film’s plot may not be groundbreaking and is predictable, the characters are relatable, the situations are amusing, and the overall tone is lighthearted and enjoyable.

Sound Party is a perfect choice for those seeking a cinematic escape. It’s a celebration of life’s simple joys, a reminder that happiness often lies in the company of loved ones and the pursuit of shared dreams.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

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