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Art Beyond Galleries : The Park Hotel’s Metamorphosis into Artix

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In the heart of Hyderabad, where luxury meets creativity, The Park Hotel is about to undergo a remarkable transformation. From March 16th to 17th, 2024, this iconic venue will shed its conventional identity, morphing into something extraordinary – Artix, a revolutionary hotel art fair.

Gone will be the typical hotel rooms, replaced instead by exclusive showcases of artistic brilliance. The corridors will resonate with the pulsating energy of creativity, as the walls and floors come alive with the vivid strokes of artists’ imaginations. What was once a space for rest and relaxation will now become a haven for art enthusiasts, collectors, and anyone seeking an immersive cultural experience.

This isn’t just another art exhibition; it’s a reimagining of the traditional gallery experience. Payal Kapoor, Malvika Poddar, and Sethu Vaidyanathan, the visionary minds behind Artix, have crafted an event that transcends boundaries. It’s more than just a display of artwork; it’s a celebration of heritage, tradition, and the boundless possibilities of human creativity.

As guests navigate through the transformed spaces of The Park Hotel, they’ll encounter a curated selection of artwork, live installations, and interactive experiences. Each corner will offer a new perspective, a fresh insight into the world of art and its impact on our lives.

The journey begins with an inaugural display, followed by an extravagant preview party. Here, buyers and sellers will come together in an intimate setting, forging connections that go beyond the transactional. It’s a space where art isn’t just admired from a distance but embraced and integrated into everyday life.

According to Payal Kapoor, Co-founder, the hotel’s metamorphosis into an art space offers a unique opportunity for buyers and sellers to connect on a deeper level. “Artix Edition 2 is an art fair with a twist,” she explains. “The hotel room becomes an intimate space where art comes to life, allowing buyers and sellers to envision how it would fit into their own surroundings.”

Malvika Poddar, another Co-founder, emphasizes the blend of luxury and art at Artix. “We’re transforming hotel rooms into unique gallery spaces,” she says. “It’s a distinctive experience that fosters connections and enhances the appreciation of art.”

For Sethu Vaidyanathan, Co-founder, the event is about more than just showcasing artwork. “Artix 2.0 is a manifestation of exquisitely selected artwork and experiences,” he notes. “It’s about reshaping the contours of the art world and paving the way for unlimited artistic talent.”

With plans to expand to other cities across India and beyond, Artix is poised to become the premier destination for art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Its fusion of luxury and creativity, combined with its commitment to charitable causes, sets it apart as a truly unique event.

As the doors of The Park Hotel open to welcome guests, they step into a world where art transcends boundaries, where creativity knows no limits. It’s a journey of discovery, a celebration of the human spirit, and a testament to the power of art to transform lives.

Art galleries from Hyderabad and beyond, textile designers, high end jewellers, art collaborators – Priya Paul, Sheetal Bangur and Anju Poddar will be participating in Artiz at the Hyderabad hotel, The Park.

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