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Empowering Futures: Early Intervention Centre at Kukatpally

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Intervention centre, Kukatpally

Unveiling the Early Intervention Centre at Kukatpally

The opening of the ‘Intervention Center’ represents a significant step forward in providing comprehensive support and assistance to children facing developmental challenges. With a focus on addressing special needs and offering tailored programs, the center aims to empower both children and their parents.

Catering to Special Needs
The center’s primary objective is to cater to the special needs of children, offering personalized care and specialized programs. Additionally, it aims to sensitize and support parents through their journey. A dedicated team of experts equipped with modern facilities is at the forefront of this mission.

Services Offered: Holistic Support
The Early Intervention Centre offers a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of children with developmental challenges:

– Early Childhood Studies: Providing foundational support for children’s development.

– Individual Therapy Sessions: Tailored sessions to address specific developmental areas.

– Speech and Language Therapy: Enhancing communication skills and language development.

– Occupational Therapy: Assisting children in developing fine motor skills and sensory processing.

– Behavioral Studies Programs: Implementing strategies to address behavioral challenges.

– Parent Education: Educating parents on effective strategies for supporting their child’s development.

Witnessing Impact Firsthand
The opening ceremony took place on the 18th at KukatPally, offering attendees an opportunity to learn more about the center’s services and witness the impact of early intervention on children’s lives. Prospective clients, parents, and stakeholders were encouraged to attend and explore the offerings firsthand.

For further details and inquiries, interested individuals can contact the center at 7799569532. 

Distinguished Guests: Recognizing Support

The event was attended by esteemed guests:

– Chief Guest: Dr. Shripuja Siddamsetty, Clinical Psychologist (Contact: 9246155955)

– Guest of Honour: Annie Paul, Principal, Christ School

– Special Guest: Aditya Analyst, Amazon

– Special Guest: Ravi Shankar, Designer, Ramoji Film City

– Special Guest: Vijaya Kumar, Team Lead in Cognizant

Empowering Children and Families
The launch of the Early Intervention Centre signifies a commitment to empowering children with developmental challenges and supporting their families on their journey towards holistic development. With a range of specialized services and expert guidance, the center aims to make a positive impact on the lives of children and their families.