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Luxury Fashion Accessories Served Haute

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Luxury fashion

Luxury fashion accessories – Haute Dreams – A Date With Couture – the AiSPi Trunk Show brings global luxury designers to Hyderabad at the flagship Manish Malhotra store on August 5.

Founder of AiSPi and global luxury fashion curator Aisha Saraf Kothari shares some highlights of what you can look forward to T the show.

The collection will also be available at aisip.co on August 6 & 7

Luxury Fashion

Aisha Saraf

Global traveller Aisha Saraf Kothari founded AiSPi in 2017. Last year she was in Hyderabad for a show of what mostly consisted of luxury accessories brands – 10 -11 of them, which ended by exciting the Hyderabadi fashionistas. Hyderabadi fashionistas especially indulged in the Italian brand Rosantica and L’alingi from London amongst the other sunglasses and bags brands. AiSPi is the largest retailer of Rosantica and L’alingi brands. “While you will find them in some stores around the world, you will hardly find 3 or 4 designs. We bring over 65 designs from these brands shares, Aisha, who is in Hyderabad with 26 brands this time, some of them coming to India for the first time, and many being showcased for the first time this season. For example the popular Egyptian brand Okhtein that had collaborated with Balmain for the Paris Fashion Week.

Luxury Fashion

Okhtein, Egypt

“Some of the collections we brought to Hyderabad are not even available at Harrods and Selfridges. We have managed to bring them hot from the fashion week. They are brand new from the Fall Winter collection” – reveals Aisha.

Highlights of Haute Dreams at Manish Malhotra on August 5 at Manish Malhotra store –

There are so many wonderful brands out there, and we find it difficult to choose what to bring down. There are new brands that have never been in India and our classic collections that have always been popular. The five brands that are being showcased for the first time in India are – Marzook which is also flying down one of the key members of their design team who will be making customised bags for Hyderabadis. Wai Wai bags from Brazil that are colourful and playful, HVISK, the Copenhagen-based bag brand known for their meticulous attention to detail, For Art’s Sake London-based quirky sunglasses brand and the artisanal bags from Bera from Istanbul, Turkey.

Luxury fashion

Rosantica Sospiro – Crystals

On why the brand is partial to accessories

We do have designer wear with us that we showcase when we are not collaborating with designers. Our recent Delhi Trunk Show is where we had a dazzling variety of garments as well. However, I do particularly see a gap in the accessory market – there is space that is there in the well-priced beautiful designer accessories. What you usually see are these very expensive luxury brands, where the starting price itself would be 3000 Euros. Our costlist bag would be 2000 euros. Also, we may go through body changes at different ages, but we will never hestitate to pick an accessory at any time – be it to buy a pair of sunglasses, bags or shoes. Accessories dress up your outfit.

On discovering & curating the best

I have a background of over 12 years in micro fashion, and I started curating part time from 2017 onwards. It was post Covid – for the last two years that I started to focus fully on AiSPI. I travel a lot. This summer I visited seven destinations, and I keep visiting stories, and observe and discover new brands. And, then when it comes my way for adding it into my collection, I would have already seen it felt it and know what it is and I immediately design to buy it. For example, the Wai Wai brand from Rio De Janeiro. I found the brand in Dubai three years ago and I liked it. And, so it was easier to choose.

A lot of brands capture my eye and when I get an opportunity. Fashion weeks are hige discovery spaces for me. But you won’t see me on the glam side. You will most probably catch me in my black pants and comfortable sneakers meeting designers, going to trade shows, visiting stores. Fashion weeks are discovery oriented for me where I meet atleast 200 – 300 brands. Then I also scroll Instagram, follow accounts, get inspired.

Luxury Fashion

L’afshar, UAE

We follow three values when we curate brands

  • We look for fashion forward brands that are cool and amazing’
  • We look for value for money. If you see something – the price it commands must make sense, be it the brand, the quality or the work that went into it.
  • We like to go for independent brands that are not owned by a huge corporation.

On luxury fashion & trends

Fashion is an extension of personality. If you are what you have always been, then you will find a place for your favourite luxury fashion piece in your closet. I am not here to tell whats trending or what’s hot.

In Hyderabad I found that women are very confident of their choice. If they first like something then they find out about the brand story. We are not distributers. We care curators. And, as curators we find it very satisfying when someone appreciates our collection.