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Rahnumai Centers: Bridging Government Schemes & Services

government schemes and services

The Helping Hand Foundation (HHF), in collaboration with 15 mosques across vulnerable areas in the city, has launched an innovative citizen connect program known as Rahnumai Centers. This initiative aims to facilitate access to various government schemes, services, and utilities, fostering holistic social development.

The inauguration of the first Rahnumai Center at Masjid-E-Mohammedia, Langer Houz, saw Md. Shabir Ali, Advisor to the government on Minority Welfare, emphasizing the importance of minority participation in government initiatives.

Rahnumai Centers address the issue of low minority enrollment in government schemes and services, as revealed by surveys conducted by HHF. Documentation deficiencies, including voter registration, ration card validity, and access to education and healthcare, were identified as key challenges. In response, these centers will serve as hubs for citizens to rectify documentation issues, seek guidance, and enroll in government programs.

Staffed by trained counselors, Rahnumai Centers will initially be established in 15-20 mosques, primarily in vulnerable urban slums south of the city. A specialized app will streamline family documentation and facilitate access to resources.

Education and scholarships will be a primary focus of the centers, aiding disadvantaged children in accessing government schools and scholarships. Real-time mapping of nearby government schools and anganwadis will guide parents in school enrollment.

Additionally, Rahnumai Centers will assist single women in acquiring essential documents and accessing government schemes, including pensions and financial assistance programs. Counseling services will address family issues, domestic violence, and legal support needs, ensuring holistic support for vulnerable individuals.

Furthermore, the centers will facilitate access to healthcare services, connecting citizens with government hospitals and assistance programs. This comprehensive approach underscores HHF’s commitment to empowering marginalized communities and fostering social inclusion.

Mujtaba Hasan Askari of the Helping Hand Foundation emphasized that Rahnumai Centers will operate free of cost, empowering citizens from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to access essential services and participate in social development initiatives.