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Honouring Padma Vibhushan Chiranjeevi

Padma Vibhushan

Celebrating Excellence: Felicitation Ceremony of Padma Vibhushan Chiranjeevi

The Telangana Government, led by Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, organized a grand felicitation ceremony at the esteemed Shilpakala Vedika in Hyderabad on February 4, 2024. This ceremonious event aimed to honor the exceptional achievements of the state’s Padma awardees, drawing a diverse audience comprising celebrities, fans, and government dignitaries.

Padma Vibhushan

Honoring Distinguished Achievers

Among the luminaries recognized were Padma Vibhushan Chiranjeevi, Padma Vibhushan former Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, and Padma Shri recipients Dasari Kondappa, Gaddam Sammaiah, Ananda Chary, Kurella Vitalacharya, and Kethavath Somlal. Each awardee’s contributions were celebrated for their profound impact on various facets of society.

Expressions of Gratitude: Chiranjeevi’s Reflections

Padma Vibhushan Chiranjeevi, renowned for his multifaceted talents as an actor and philanthropist, expressed profound gratitude during the ceremony. He articulated the overwhelming significance of the Padma honor, reflecting on its symbolic acknowledgment of his life’s work and contributions to society.

Padma Vibhushan

 Acknowledging Government Initiative

Chiranjeevi lauded the proactive stance of the Telangana Government in honoring Padma awardees. He commended Chief Minister Revanth Reddy’s visionary leadership and commitment to recognizing the state’s achievers. This initiative was perceived as a pivotal step towards fostering encouragement and support for artists and achievers across diverse domains.

Tribute to Fans and Supporters

Expressing heartfelt appreciation, Chiranjeevi extended gratitude to his loyal fan base and supporters. He underscored their unwavering dedication and contributions to social service initiatives, particularly during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their endeavors, ranging from financial assistance to establishing blood banks and ambulance services, exemplified the spirit of community solidarity and service.

Padma Vibhushan

Resounding Success: Impact of the Ceremony

The felicitation ceremony left a profound impact on attendees, resonating with sentiments of pride and admiration. The Telangana Government’s commitment to honoring Padma awardees garnered widespread acclaim, highlighting the significance of such events in promoting a culture of recognition and appreciation within society.

Promoting Inspiration and Recognition

By celebrating excellence and acknowledging the contributions of outstanding individuals, events like these serve as powerful platforms for fostering inspiration and recognition. The felicitation ceremony exemplified the importance of honoring achievements and promoting a culture of appreciation, leaving a lasting legacy of encouragement and support for future endeavors.


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