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Rakshasa Kavyam set to hit theatres on the 13th of this month.


“Rakshasa Kavyam” stands out as an impressive new crime drama – Film crew

Abhai Naveen, Anvesh Michael, Pawon Ramesh, Dayanand Reddy, Kushalini, and Rohini have taken on lead roles in the film “Rakshasa Kavyam”. Produced by Damu Reddy and Singanamala Kalyan under Garuda Productions, Pingo Pictures, and Cine Valley Movies, with Naveen Reddy and Vasundara Devi as co-producers, and Umesh Nigg as the executive producer. This new crime drama, directed by Sriman Keerthy, is set to hit theaters on the 13th of this month.

In a press meet organized for the occasion, Hero Abhai Naveen expressed gratitude to producer Damu Anna and director Sriman for trusting him with a character he hadn’t portrayed before. He emphasized the importance of playing diverse roles to establish versatility as an actor. Abhai Naveen highlighted the uniqueness of “Rakshasa Kavyam” through its teaser, trailer, and songs, and assured the audience of an enjoyable experience when the film releases.

Director Sriman Keerthy described “Rakshasa Kavyam” as a small-budget film with significant content. He explained that the script drew inspiration from the characters of Jaya Vijay in Puranas, exploring the concept of gods and demons within us. The film carries a subtle message against alcohol consumption, and Sriman Keerthy expressed confidence in the audience’s positive response.

Producer Damureddy shared insights into the film, describing it as an experimental venture that delves into emotion and family drama within a slum setting. He emphasized the film’s response to the critique of portraying excessive alcohol use in Telangana movies and highlighted the significance of education in the narrative. Damureddy thanked the entire team for their dedication and support throughout the two-year journey of making the film.

Actor Yadamma Raju, who played a crucial role in the movie, expressed gratitude for the opportunity and shared insights into his character as a friend between two brothers.

Heroine Kushalini thanked the producers and the director for giving her the opportunity to portray a character in a slum with a strong inclination toward education. She expressed hopes that the film would bring her recognition as an actress.

Hero Anvesh Michael provided a glimpse into the family drama portrayed in “Rakshasa Kavyam,” set in a Hyderabad slum. He emphasized the unique dynamics within the family and the intriguing storyline of each family member striving to achieve their aspirations. Anvesh Michael shared his camaraderie with Abhai Naveen, mentioning their previous collaboration in a short film.

Overall, the cast and crew expressed anticipation for the audience’s response to “Rakshasa Kavyam,” confident that it would be well-received by Telugu audiences.