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Satya Dev revealed the first look of ‘Kismat’


Satya Dev revealed the first look of ‘Kismat’ by Comrade Film Factory and Atheera Productions

Satya Dev, the acclaimed actor, recently launched the first look of ‘Kismat,’ a collaborative venture between Comrade Film Factory and Atheera Productions. Recognizing the success of youthful, fun-filled entertainers, these two production houses join forces to bring forth an upcoming film that promises to be a stellar buddy comedy. Directed by Srinath Badineni, ‘Kismat’ boasts a stellar cast featuring Naresh Agastya, Abhinav Gomatam, Avasarala Srinivas, Vishwa Dev, and Riya Suman, with the latter in the role of the female lead.

The unveiling of the film’s first look poster marks the commencement of promotional activities. Satya Dev, the lead actor, played a pivotal role in launching the poster, offering audiences a glimpse into the characters and the tone of the film. The poster itself features the perplexed expressions of the main cast, including Naresh Agastya, Abhinav Gomatam, Avasarala Srinivas, Vishwa Dev, and Riya Suman, set against a backdrop adorned with currency notes.

The title of the film, ‘Kismat,’ meaning luck, adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, suggesting that the audience is in for a joyous ride. The poster, with its thematic elements, fuels anticipation for a comedy that intertwines elements of chance and entertainment. 

Behind the scenes, the movie is in capable hands. Raju takes on the role of producer, while CH Bhanuprasad Reddy serves as the co-producer. The cinematography is expertly handled by Vedaraman Shankaran, capturing the visual essence of the film, while the musical composition is entrusted to the talented Mark K Robin. Viplav Nyshadam takes charge as the editor, ensuring a seamless flow to the narrative.

Having wrapped up the entire shooting schedule, ‘Kismat’ is currently undergoing post-production processes. The completion of filming marks a significant milestone, and the anticipation for the movie’s release is palpable. With its dynamic cast, engaging storyline, and a blend of comedy and thematic depth, ‘Kismat’ is poised to captivate audiences seeking a delightful cinematic experience. As Satya Dev inaugurates the film’s promotional journey, the industry and fans alike eagerly await the unveiling of this promising addition to the world of Indian cinema.

Cast: Naresh Agastya, Abhinav Gomatam, Avasarala Srinivas, Vishwa Dev, Riya Suman, Ajay Ghosh, Temper Vamshi, Chammak Chandra and Racha Ravi

Technical Crew:
Director: Srinath Badineni
Producer: Raju
Co-Producer: CH Bhanuprasad Reddy
Banners: Comrade Film Factory, Atheera Productions
DOP: Vedaraman Shankaran
Music: Mark K Robin
Editor: Viplav Nyshadam
Art: Ravi
Ex-Producer: Bharath Reddy
PRO: Vamsi-Shekar