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Swecha Unveils AI Storytelling Revolution

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Swecha Introduces AI Chandamama Kathalu: A Groundbreaking AI Storytelling Initiative

Swecha, a pioneering organization, recently unveiled AI Chandamama Kathalu, a revolutionary AI designed for storytelling. The event, graced by Shobu Yarlagadda, Founder of Arka Media Works, saw the official launch attended by notable figures in the industry.

Reviving Moral Values Through Innovative AI Approach

The primary objective of this initiative is to resurrect the moral and ethical values embedded in Chandamama Kathalu using a fresh and creative AI approach. Thousands actively participated in contributing their time and effort, marking a significant stride towards Telugu AI.

Addressing the Need for Indigenous Language AI Models

With the burgeoning growth of AI, particularly Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, the need for accessibility to every sector becomes imperative. Recognizing the gap in AI development for Indian languages, Chaitanya, Kiran Chandra, and Prof. Gaurav Raina collaborated to develop an AI solution specifically tailored for storytelling.

Choosing Chandamama Kathalu as the Foundation

To build a story-oriented AI language model, the team opted for a small language model (SLM) rather than a resource-intensive large language model. Chandamama Kathalu, known for instilling moral values for generations, served as the ideal source for data.

Digitizing and Training the AI Model

The process began by digitizing stories available in scanned PDFs. Swecha community’s contributions, over 10,000 students and faculty proofread more than 40,000 stories in just over four hours. The digitized dataset is now available for public use. Following this, the AI model underwent rigorous training on these stories, culminating in the project’s public launch.

Towards a National-Level Indian AI Framework

Chaitanya emphasized that this initiative is just the beginning, with ongoing efforts to improve and expand Telugu AI models. Professor Gaurav Raina underscored the importance of an open AI ecosystem, encouraging research in universities and startups.

Expanding to All Indian Languages

Professor Gaurav Raina envisioned building a comprehensive Indian AI-based language model, encompassing stories from all Indian languages. The collaboration with IIT Madras aims to take this idea to a national level, engaging researchers and students in the process.


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