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Uncompromisingly Hyderabadi

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United Kitchens of India has introduced Hyderabadi menu, and has announced a steal of a promotion where a set menu of soup, starters, main course, staples (biryani) and dessert are available at Rs 749 (all inclusive) for three days (June 2, 3 and 4) on the occasion of Telangana Formation Day.

Ask anyone where one can get authentic Hyderabadi khana, and you are bound to be directed to a traditional Muslim home. While biryanis and kebabs are available dime and dozen in every nook and corner, authentic home-like Hyderabadi is hardly available in restaurants. Marag shorba , tala murgh, gurda kaleji, dalcha gosht, ande ka salan, Begumati murgh, bagara khaana are all as homely as they can get, and Chef Rizwan recreated them to perfection not compromising much on the spice and the sour that are the salient features of simple Hyderabadi food.

So you have the robust marag, the thick broth of dalcha cooked with the lamb making for a perfect combo with the bagara khana mildly flavoured with whole spices, the begumati style murgh cooked minus the spices, the smoky and spicy tala murgh cooked with patience without using any water, the authentic bagara baigan which in addition to being spicy is predominantly sour and the khatti dal and subz ki tihari.


You also have the food from the royal kitchens like the sheekh kebab and tava kali mirch murgh on the starter menu, the rich Nizami dish dum ka murgh and raan biryani on the menu.

On the dessert menu are the double ka meetha and kubani ka meetha that have already made their mark on the restaurant menu. The icing on the cake is the sheer korma – made uncompromisingly rich with ghee, lots of dry fruits and nuts, and a little thick with a lot of sugar – you cannot have it any other way and so do not complain if you are too full.

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