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A Look Back at 8 A.M. Metro – A Movie on Relationships Set in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad Metro

Hyderabad Metro, Gulzar’s poetry and two characters sensibly designed as lead in a film on relationships – 8 A.M. Metro has all the ingredients for a  melancholic, leisurely watch – Padmaja Konisetty

A special screening of Gulshan Devaiah- Saiyami Kher starrer film ‘8 AM Metro’ was held at Prasad’s Preview Theatre as part of “The News Art Fest 2024” curated by Manvinder Dawer, Laxman Aelay, and Bolgum Nagesh Goud. Directed by Raj Rachakonda,  who earlier directed the critically acclaimed “Mallesham”, this film had a theatrical release in May 2023. And artist Laxman Aelay is the Production Designer for both the films.

‘8 AM Metro’ is a story about two strangers, who meet on Hyderabad Metro first by accident, then by design, and form a friendship through their shared love for poetry. The two principal characters – Pritam (Gulshan Devaiah) and Irawati (Saiyami Kher) are fighting their own traumas, and how their friendship helps them overcome them, and understand the meaning of love, loss and healing is the gist of this film.

8 AM Metro

Based on author Malladi Ventaka Krishna Murthy’s novel Andamaina Jeevitam, the film is a slow burn, which unfolds at a languid pace. It felt like reading a book set in much slower times. The film had a melancholic mood overall, which was difficult to shrug off.

Adding to the charm, the film plays a beautiful tribute to the city of Hyderabad with many popular places- from old and new serving as picturesque backdrops. Hyderabad Metro Rail feels like another character in the film. This is perhaps the first film that uses Hyderabad Metro Rail in its story extensively.

And, then there is Gulzar’s poetry spread throughout the film that is music to ears and moves the narrative forward.

The film discusses mental health issues and how society judges the ones struggling by asking them to be strong. This is done subtly like in this particular scene between Pritam and Irawati shot with sensitivity and without turning it preachy. It also subtly shows the inadequacies that individuals have and how they struggle to overcome them – like Pritam not wanting to talk to strangers and that trait becoming an impediment in his professional growth.

Gulshan Devaiah’s portrayal of the layered character of Pritam bringing to life the grief in a relatable manner is commendable. Saiyami Kher started well but as the film progresses, it became difficult to connect to the role she portrayed. She appeared too stiff. Would it have been more impactful if seasoned actors essayed the roles. May be Yes!

However, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it is an honest film and surely works in parts.



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