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Mahi V Raghav has a hat-trick with Save The Tigers

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Filmmaker Mahi V Raghav speaks about his most recent web series, ‘Save The Tigers’ Season 2 that has stormed into the realm of blockbusters! Available for streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar, the show has shattered records for regional web series, garnering unprecedented viewership within its first week of release. Following the phenomenal success of ‘Save The Tigers’ Season 1 and the super hit ‘Shaitan’, Mahi has now achieved a remarkable hat trick of successes in Tollywood, a feat rarely seen.

A multifaceted talent as a writer, producer, and director, Mahi has established himself as a trailblazer in long-form storytelling. Alongside helming films under his banner Three Autumn Leaves, he has emerged as a pioneer in the realm of web series, consistently delivering hits as a showrunner.

Mahi V Raghav

“I wanted to thank the audience for such a fantastic response,” says Mahi. “What worked for the show was the humour between the couples and fun elements that audiences can resonate with in their daily lives. We blended comedy with emotional dept backed by great performances that enriched the narrative in delivering a wholesome entertainer. As a writer, I always prefer to tell the stories that are rooted so that it can resonate with the audience”, says Mahi V. Raghav commenting on the success.

While Season 1 of Save the Tigers shows the antics of frustrated husbands, Season 2 explores deeper themes about their responsibility and maturity. Acknowledging that there’s pressure to live up to the expectations of Season 1, Mahi says that witty writing is the key to engage the audience in long format storytelling like web series. “We have been producing films and web series consistently under my banner Three Autumn Leaves and have been encouraging writers and directors. I am glad that our banner has made a mark in this industry. We continue to tell engaging stories and are all set to roll out a couple of shows soon.” He adds.


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