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Air purifier from Phillips

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With Pollution grabbing the headlines again, thanks to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s idea of a solution by allowing even numbered vehicles on one day and odd numbered ones on the next, this new product from the Phillips gains in relevance.

GoPure Compact 110 by Philips Automative, promises to deal with air pollution and preserve the health of drivers and passengers of vehicles in India. According to a note released in public domain: GoPure Compact 110 is a healthy and efficient solution to eliminate in-car air pollution. It is equipped with the latest SelectFilter, the powerful multi-functional filtration technology that eliminates up to 99% of those in-car air pollutants that are especially impacting those who have repertory problems, like asthma. It effectively combats dangerous pollutants, bringing you and your family fresh air and creating a pleasant driving experience day and night.

This is how it works

GoPure Compact 110 boasts of an efficient three-layer filtration system that rapidly removes air pollutions. Equipped with Philips unique three-stage multi-layer filtration, SelectFilter GSF80 X80  outperforms other conventional air filters in eliminating 99% of PM2,5 fine particles including cigarette smoke, pollens, dust, PM2.5, airborne virus and bacteria. In addition, SelectFilter even neutralizes and removes up to 99% of toxic gaseous chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene and TVOC, which are caused by exhaust fumes and industry pollution. So you are protected against the particles in the outside air.

Simple and easy to install

GoPure is plug & play. In a few simple steps, you can install GoPure anywhere in your car and enjoy fresh air. GoPure Compact 110 is equipped with a handy automatic switch that detects when you star. According to your personal preference, GoPure Compact 110 is designed for safe installation on the armrest, headrest or under the seats.