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Cow Shelters Transform Agriculture: Annakut Celebrations

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Cow Shelters Transform Agriculture: Annakut Celebration at Satyam Shivam Sundaram Gau Nivas, South India’s Largest Goushala

Satyam Shivam Sundaram Gau Nivas, South India’s largest Goushala, commemorated its 23rd Anniversary with a grand celebration known as Annakut. Nestled in Gaganpahad, Hyderabad, this expansive 8-acre facility of cow shelters played host to spiritual and cultural programs, marking a significant milestone.

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The event drew attention to the transformative potential of cow shelters or “Gaunivas” in contributing to natural farming practices in Telangana and across India. Dharam Raj Ranka, an 83-year-old advocate for rescuing cows from butchers, passionately appealed to the recently sworn-in Chief Minister and Agriculture Minister to recognize the pivotal role cow shelters could play in sustainable agriculture.

As the founder of Satyam Shivam Sundaram Gaunivas, Ranka has been instrumental in promoting the welfare of cows and transforming traditional cow shelters. He emphasized the necessity for collaboration among farmers, agricultural bodies, entrepreneurs, and the government to harness the full potential of these shelters as suppliers of inputs for natural farming.

During the Annakut Mahotsav at Satyam Shivam Sundaram Gau Nivas, Ranka shed light on the facility’s impressive infrastructure—a 5200 ft multi-infrastructural setup boasting a veterinary hospital equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic tools, a laboratory, ICU, and X-Ray facilities for cows. The shelter, home to 6000 cows, is staffed by a team of 150 individuals dedicated to providing royal treatment. India boasts the world’s largest cow population at 142.11 million, with nearly 1000 cow shelters. Proper utilization of these shelters can meet the increasing demand for inputs in natural farming.cow shelters cow shelters
The Annakut festival, symbolizing an offering of food to God, holds cultural and spiritual significance. Celebrated at the beginning of each New Year, the festival involves the presentation of a variety of food items prepared with love and devotion. Thousands of devotees are expected to participate in the celebrations, showcasing the community’s commitment to this tradition.

Annakut Celebrations at Satyam Shivam Sundaram Gau Nivas not only marked the 23rd Anniversary but also underscored the critical role of cow shelters in fostering sustainable agricultural practices and the need for collaborative efforts to realize their full potential.


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