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Bandi Saroj Kumar’s Film Parakramam Set for Summer Release

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Bandi Saroj Kumar’s Upcoming Film Parakramam Poised for Summer Release

Mark your calendars for the upcoming release of Bandi Saroj Kumar’s latest cinematic venture, Parakramam, as it gears up for a summer debut. This forthcoming film, revolving around the realm of gully cricket, is set to hit theaters just in time to coincide with the cricket season’s fervor.

Following the success of his recent digital hit, “Mangalyam,” Bandi Saroj Kumar is venturing into traditional cinema with Parakramam, fueled by a growing fan base from his previous digital endeavors. The director’s transition to the big screen is met with eager anticipation.

In addition to directing duties, Bandi Saroj Kumar assumes various roles behind the scenes, including lyric writing, editing, music composition, and production under his BSK Mainstream banner. Collaborating with him is cinematographer Venkat R Prasad, renowned for his work on acclaimed films such as “Pournami” and “100% Love.”

Sound designer Kali SR Ashok joins the team, bringing his technical expertise from previous collaborations with the director. Together, they aim to deliver a cinematic experience that resonates deeply with audiences.

Stepping into the lead role is Bandi Saroj Kumar himself, accompanied by classical dancer Sruthi Samanvi and Naga Lakshmi. Noteworthy is the introduction of approximately 50 new actors, predominantly from a background in theatre arts, adding depth to the ensemble cast.

As post-production work progresses at a brisk pace, anticipation mounts for the unveiling of the official teaser and the eagerly awaited announcement of the release date. With Parakramam, Bandi Saroj Kumar seeks to capture the essence of gully cricket and weave a compelling narrative that strikes a chord with viewers.

As the film gears up for its cinematic debut, audiences are primed for an immersive experience that celebrates the spirit of gully cricket while exploring themes of camaraderie, passion, and determination. With its unique blend of storytelling and entertainment, Parakramam promises to leave an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape, cementing Bandi Saroj Kumar’s reputation as a versatile filmmaker with a keen eye for captivating narratives.

Bandi Saroj Kumar, Sruthi Samanvi, Naga Laxmi, Mohan Senapati, Anil Kumar, Kireeti, Shashank Vennelakanti, Vamsiraj Nekkanti, Nikhil, Krishna Veni, Vasundhara, Alisha

Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Editing-Lyrics-Music-Producer-Director : Bandi Saroj Kumar
Director of Photography: Venkat R Prasad
Sound Design & Mixing : Kali SR Ashok
Art : Phani Musi
Banner : BSK Mainstream
Dance : Ravi Sri
Stunts : P Ramu
VFX : Aykera Studios
Line Producer : Praveen Guduri
PRO : Paul Pavan
Production Manager : Mana Raju

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