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BoxingBay Fight Nights: Hyderabad Tour Unveiled

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Indian Pro Boxing League (IPBL) and Indian Boxing Council (IBC) Collaborate with SouthBay to Launch BoxingBay

The Indian Pro Boxing League (IPBL) and the Indian Boxing Council (IBC) have joined forces with SouthBay, led by Rana Daggubati, to introduce BoxingBay, aimed at promoting professional boxing as a prominent sport in India.

Introducing BoxingBay Fight Nights in Hyderabad

The inaugural BoxingBay Tour in Hyderabad will consist of four electrifying fight nights. The tour begins on February 29th at the Prost Brewpub, followed by subsequent events at other popular breweries and clubs in the city.

Event Schedule

– Prost: 29th February & 14th March 2024

– ANTHM: 7th March & 28th March

Elevating Professional Boxing in India

BoxingBay Fight Nights seeks to integrate professional boxing into India’s pop culture, featuring the top 20 professional boxers from around the globe competing for honor and acclaim.

Quotes from Key Figures

Brigadier PMK Raja, President of IBC, expressed, BoxingBay is a significant initiative to popularize boxing and make it a household name in India. We aim to extend the excitement of professional boxing beyond breweries and clubs to ensure accessibility for everyone.

Rajeev, Co-Founder of SouthBay, added, BoxingBay Fight Nights represents a cultural movement to infuse new energy into the sport of boxing, fostering a growing community of boxing fans both in Hyderabad and nationwide.

A New Era in Indian Sports and Entertainment

The launch of the BoxingBay Fight Nights tour marks a milestone in India’s professional boxing journey, combining IPBL’s event organizing expertise, IBC’s commitment to the sport’s development, and SouthBay’s passion for boxing.

About IPBL Boxing

IPBL Boxing Pvt Ltd is a premier boxing promotion company in India, dedicated to elevating the sport of boxing and showcasing the talents of top boxers from across the nation. Renowned for organizing high-quality, competitive boxing matches and events, IPBL aims to make boxing a mainstream sporting attraction in India, accessible and enjoyable for enthusiasts and new fans alike.