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Cheater Review – The Grey Side of a Love Story

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The latest movie to join the bandwagon of small films that are trying to getting their due attention in Telugu is the film ‘Cheater’ directed by Narayana Barla and produced by Parupathi Srinivasa Reddy under his SSR banner. While it is primarily a love story – there is a grey side to it showcasing a few hard realities of life, and an important problem of the real world

Story –

The film starts on a promising note with fine production quality and engaging content. As the name suggests the film sets the premise from the beginning that the hero is a cheater. From being a small-time cheater, he dreams of becoming super rich earning crores and the only way he finds to do this is by marrying a wealthy man’s daughter and settling in life.

Taking his plan ahead he lures a well to do girl, with a good career, traps her by acting innocent and good in front of her. However, she gets to know his real truth. The film is about what she does when she goes with him trusting him – and then realises the truth about the ‘cheater’ and how he had tricked of everything she has.

Plus –

This is not a new story in life or in cinema. However, girls continue to be cheated in real life, and the story continues to have relevance even today. The director has written the story to appeal to younger audience and while it carries with it a good message also is cinematically engaging.

Minus –

However, the screenplay falters at places, and the characterisation too could have been done with clarity. This plus tighter editing would have placed the movie at a better place, not to mention some good background score.

Cast of Cheater

The actors are fairly new – but the lead pair Chandrakanth Dutta and Rekha Nirosha put up a decent show. The film directed by Barla Narayana, has young crew – Arjun Nallagopala, the music director and Govind Babu Charla behind the camera.

Cheater Review / Verdict –

Despite its misses the film comes across as an honest attempt to show an important issue with cinematic frills thrown in.


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