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Bubble Gum Movie Review

Are you ready to be wowed by a refreshing love story?

Bubble Gum tells a love story that perfectly fits the Gen Z trend with the most captivating plot, says Kausalya Suharika R. 

Story: The story is simple – boy sees a girl, feels the instant spark followed by attraction; girl sees boy feels something similar but not on the same level of what boy feels. What next? They meet up on  a fine occasion, girl makes the first move. Voila, you have a beautiful love story, which is going all well and happy! And then its time for the twist!

Did you ever feel that you have overreacted in a situation? Especially with your loved ones, and regretted for your reactions! Here’s a movie you will connect with. And when audience can relate to the happenings in the film – that means you have a captivating love story.

The rest of the story is about what went wrong in the love story? Who did what and ruined an enticing loving relationship? Where did it all go wrong?


Cast: Hero Roshan Kanakala did a fantastic job! Hands down, best debut actor! The ease he showed being a newcomer on screen is both surprising and welcoming. He comes from a family of actors, and if any one had doubts on his debut, his acting entirely mutes all those. He just owned the screen! Heroine Maanasa Choudhary gave a stellar performance! Her every expression is a testament of how keenly, sensitively, and carefully the director crafted the story for Janu and Adi. Each and everyone gave life to their respective roles. After Janu and Adi, your attention is grabbed by the hero’s father character. Comedy and emotions carried through this portrayal are top notch. Then come the friends, Harsha and the gang. All the characters are written with great depth and radiating positivity.

Music: The movie’s backbone is its music, carrying the emotions of each scene seamlessly through the background score. Given the protagonist’s ambition as a DJ, the team has taken meticulous care in selecting and incorporating the best music.

Story and screenplay: The script is robust addressing a variety of topics that aren’t explored on Telugu movie screens before. It realistically portrayed the class and culture issues that the two people in a relationship face when they are brought up in different backgrounds, with no beating around the bushes. Ravikanth Perepu’s brilliance you saw in his previous films is there on full display through out the movie.

Comedy: A special shout out to the comedy and its timing. Every scene is refreshing and hilarious.

Negative: While it is taken lightly, especially in Telugu movies, it’s crucial to recognize that stalking is a crime. Let’s aim to create stories without moral compromises. Stalking and taking photos of someone without their consent are illegal, so let’s steer our protagonists away from such actions. The entire Bubble Gum movie is rich with values, and it would have done well to maintain that integrity.

Bubble Gum is a Gen Z movie with evolved modern characters that could be overwhelming for conventional Telugu audience.

Suma Kanakala is known for her comedy timing as a renowned anchor in the industry. She is witty and brilliant, and it is evident that Roshan Kanakala, her son has inherited all of her talent and is using it all wisely.

Conclude your 2023 with watching Bubble Gum- it’s an impactful and fantastic cinematic experience, especially if you enjoy a trendy, realistic, and uplifting love story!

Rating: 4/5


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