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Biography of Vittalacharya Launched by Trivikram

Biography of Vittalacharya

Biography of vittalacharya ‘Jai Vittalacharya’ book written by Pulagam Chinnarayana was launched by matala mantrikudu and renowned film director, Trivikram.

The book brings back the memories of the legendary Telugu cinema director to life.

Iconic folklore films of ‘Janapada Brahma’ B. Vittalacharya are widely recognized. Esteemed by Telugu movie enthusiasts, the filmmaker’s enduring contributions have earned him a special place across generations. Senior journalist and devoted film aficionado, Pulagam Chinnarayana, pays homage to this cinematic maestro by writing biography of Vittalacharya with his book ‘Jai Vittalacharya,’ aiming to introduce the maestro’s distinctive style and cinematic brilliance to the contemporary generation. The book meticulously chronicles Vittalacharya’s journey, offering a comprehensive portrayal. Published by Zeelan Basha Shaikh under the Movie Volume Media banner, the book was launched in the presence of star director ‘Matala Mantrikudu’ Trivikram Srinivas. The inaugural copy was graciously received by Ravi Padi, a distinguished civil servant and bureaucrat within the Indian Railways.

Biography of Vittalacharya

Jai Vittalacharya launched by Trivikram

During the event, Trivikram Srinivas expressed his admiration for Pulagam Chinnarayana, a longtime acquaintance. “I’ve perused his previous works as well. Vittalacharya is hailed as the Father of Telugu Mass Cinema and the Father of Folklore Cinema. In an era pre-dating VFX, he showcased remarkable technological prowess, crafting daring and ambitious films during his prime. Despite his prolific success, extensive movie reach, and popularity, the present generation remains largely unfamiliar with him. Most today only encounter his work through platforms like YouTube or satellite channels airing vintage movies. I wholeheartedly commend Chinnarayana’s dedication to bringing Vittalacharya’s life and legacy to light. Congratulations to Ravi and publisher Zeelan Basha Shaikh. Producing such books may not be a lucrative venture, underscoring their genuine passion for cinema. As a book enthusiast, I hope such endeavors contribute to fostering a culture of reading. In Telugu literature, documenting history is not yet widespread, particularly in the realm of Telugu cinema. Pulagam Chinnarayana should continue writing more books; he possesses the necessary energy and enthusiasm. I genuinely look forward to more publications of this nature,” remarked the director-writer.

Pulagam Chinnarayana stated, “I penned this book with the same swiftness that characterized Vittalacharya’s movie-making pace. The book features stalwarts such as Superstar Krishna garu, Kaikala Satyanarayana garu, Jamuna garu, Vani Sri garu, Rajasree garu, Jaya Malini garu, and Narasimha Raju garu, among others. Additionally, I engaged with Vittalacharya’s family members to gain personal insights into the legendary filmmaker. The book provides an insider’s view into the making of 39 movies directed by him, unveiling behind-the-scenes details. Moreover, it unveils several captivating anecdotes and pieces of information never before documented. I’m delighted that the launch event took place in the esteemed presence of Trivikram, a connoisseur of movies and Telugu literature.”

Expressing his joy, publisher Ravi Padi said that the cover page of this book features the last painting by Eshwar garu, a distinguished Publicity Designer and recipient of the Raghupathi Venkaiah Award. He felt that receiving the inaugural copy from the hands of Trivikra is adding cherry to the top. Praising  Pulagam Chinnarayana for his thorough research and delving deep into the annals of Telugu cinema history, he said that Chinnarayana’s commitment extends beyond this book as he aspires to contribute more publications to enrich our understanding of the subject.