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Gudi Sambaralu at Bansilalpet Step Well

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Gudi Sambaralu

A Decade of Cultural Reverie: Gudi Sambaralu-Milestone Celebration at Bansilalpet Step Well

Enchanting New Year’s Spectacle on January 1, 2024

The Bansilalpet Step Well in Hyderabad emerged as a haven for art and cultural enthusiasts on January 1, 2024, as Parampara marked its 10th-year milestone in promoting cultural heritage through the magic of music and dance. Collaborating with the esteemed Kavuru family, the Parampara Foundation orchestrated a series of over twenty “Gudi Sambaralu” events at iconic heritage sites, captivating audiences from the realms of art, music, and architecture.

Gudi Sambaralu


Founders’ Vision Resonates: Dr. Sri Nagi and Sashi Reddy’s Cultural Legacy
The vision of Paramparaa’s founders, Dr. Sri Nagi and Sashi Reddy, transcended the mere showcase of classical art forms. Through mesmerizing mythological dance ballads, their aim was to acquaint audiences with the richness of Indian mythology, celebrating revered figures such as Meera Bai and drawing inspiration from historical icons like Rani Rudramma Devi and Jhansi Lakshmi Bai.

Gudi Sambaralu


Renowned Virtuosos Grace the Occasion: Thyagaraju and Nand Kumar’s Seamless Fusion
Renowned artists, including RRR Oscar Fame Peri Thyagaraju and Sitar Maestro K. Nand Kumar, graced the occasion with their seamless fusion of classical tunes and global music influences. Thyagaraju’s expertise in merging Carnatic and Western music was evident, while Kumar’s sitar mastery painted melodic stories that transcended borders.

Gudi Sambaralu

Reviving Ancient Tales: A Vision for the Future by Dr. SriNagi Reddy and Shashi Reddy
Dr. SriNagi Reddy, Co-Founder of Gudi Sambaraalu, expressed pride in hosting events in historically significant places like forts and temples. The vision aimed at reviving dying art forms such as puppetry, Hari katha, Yekshagnanam, and Kuchpudi, portraying the valor and culture of the Chola Kakatiya kings. Shashi Reddy, Co-Founder of Gudi Sambaralu, emphasized that their performances resonate with the essence of heritage, reviving ancient tales through the magic of music and dance.

Gudi Sambaralu

Ram and Ekta

2024 Lineup: A Cultural Resurgence Unveiled
The lineup for 2024 promises to continue this cultural revival with performances at various heritage sites, including Siddarameshwara Stepwell Temple, Buddha Statue, British Residency, Golconda Fort, Kurnool Fort, Ontimetta, Lepakshi, and Ahobilam. Each event is meticulously planned, with performances by renowned artists and groups.

Gudi Sambaralu

Shashi Reddy, Sri Nagi, Founders Gudisambaralu


Impactful Revival: From Weddings to Economic Boosts
The impact of Paramparaa’s efforts was profound, witnessed in the increasing influence on people’s lives. From conducting weddings in temple courtyards to nurturing local artists and boosting the economy around heritage spaces, the cultural renaissance sparked by Paramparaa was palpable.

Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Modernity: A Musical Journey

As the event came to a close, attendees were left in awe, experiencing the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, celebrating art that transcends time and space. The Bansilalpet Step Well had borne witness to a musical journey that not only celebrated the past but also paved the way for a culturally rich future.

Gudi Sambaralu

Left to right Jayesh Ranjan, Ramesh Babu, Girish Malpani, and Sruti Malkani along with a guest