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Empowering Police: Animal Protection Workshop

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HSI/India and Telangana State Police Academy Collaborate to Educate Police Officers on Animal Protection Laws

Hyderabad Workshop Aims to Enhance Understanding of Animal Safeguarding Laws

On January 13th, 2024, Humane Society International/India (HSI/India), in partnership with the Raja Bahadur Venkata Rama Reddy (RBVRR) Telangana State Police Academy, conducted a comprehensive sensitization workshop. The event focused on educating more than 300 under-trainee sub-inspectors on the intricacies of animal protection laws in India. The three-hour workshop, hosted at the Telangana State Police Academy, sought to instill a heightened sense of urgency and sensitivity towards animal welfare within the law enforcement community.


Facilitator and Topics Covered

Shreya Paropkari, an Advocate at the High Court for the state of Telangana and an experienced animal protection advocate, led discussions during the workshop. Emphasizing the role of law enforcement in upholding animal protection laws, Paropkari addressed concerns related to animal cruelty complaints. The interactive session included presentations and case studies, providing officers with practical insights into effectively handling situations involving animals.

Key Workshop Topics

The workshop covered key topics, including insights into the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. It explored the interconnectedness of animal cruelty with domestic violence and other crimes, emphasizing the need to curb violence at its early stages. The discussions aimed to equip officers with a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework surrounding animal protection.

HSI/India’s Commitment to Building a Compassionate Society

This initiative reflects HSI/India’s commitment to building a more compassionate society by collaborating with essential stakeholders. The organization aims to empower law enforcement officials with the knowledge and tools necessary to enforce animal protection laws effectively. Since 2013, HSI/India has annually trained over 1,200 law enforcement officials on various aspects of animal protection laws.

Director’s Perspective

Mousumi Gupta, Director of Government Affairs at Humane Society International/India, emphasized the importance of training and sensitizing law enforcement agencies. Gupta believes that such initiatives will not only contribute to developing better infrastructure for animals but will also enable the effective utilization of laws in crafting more equitable policies, ultimately preventing further injustice against animals.