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Former Indian player Shabbir Ali launched new jersey for ‘Girls on Ground’

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football event

Football Event by SAFA’s ‘Girls on Ground’ included the launch of team jersey and an exhibition match with 70 girls training in football participating. The launch event was inaugurated by former Indian player Shabbir Ali

The recently launched ‘Girls on Ground’ program organized a highly successful football launch event for girls under 15, with a turnout of 70 enthusiastic participants and over 200 attendees from the community. The football event held on March 18, 2023, was inaugurated by the former India player and manager Shabbir Ali, who along with other dignitaries, also launched the new Jersey for the upcoming sports season. The event kicked off with an inspiring speech by head coach Sarvaj Kumar, who highlighted the importance of imparting knowledge and training to young sports enthusiasts.

football event

The program lead, Alistair, played an instrumental role in organizing the event and ensuring its success. The CEO of SAFA, Rubina Nafees Fatima, also shared her insights and vision for the ‘Girls on Ground’ program, which aims to promote gender equality and provide opportunities for girls to develop their skills and passions.

The event featured an exciting exhibition match, which was cheered on by the enthusiastic crowd of over 200 community members. In addition, the event included a quick quiz on women’s sports in India and the distribution of certificates to all the young girls who had qualified for the football training program. The program’s success was underscored by the presence of three outstanding coaches, Abuzar, Qayam, and Alamdar, who were honored and awarded for their exceptional contributions to the community.

The ‘Girls on Ground’ program has a focus on promoting gender equality and providing opportunities for girls to develop their skills and passions. With the success of the launch event, it is clear that the program has already begun to make a significant impact. The launch event was a fantastic example of how sports can empower young girls to become future leaders in their communities and beyond. The program’s goal is to inspire young girls to reach for the stars, and the launch event was an incredible success in achieving that objective.

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