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Giddha – the glory and emotion – the Abu Sandeep Presentation

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Punjab. The place itself is an emotion.
It paints an unforgettable picture of exuberance, liveliness and a hearty burst of colours. Inspired by its glowing energy, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla present ‘The Glory of Giddha’ – a short film that explores the traditional feminine folk dance performed during social
and celebratory occasions.

During weddings, colourfully dressed iddha performers spontaneously brew rhymes inspired by the bride and groom. They often dance without any musical instruments and compose a breath-inspired rhythm to sing and move their feet. Pairing their songs with melodious clapping in their radiant garments, jhumkis, tikkas and parandas, their presence infuses the room with the magical energy that is so reminiscent of the north Indian state.

Abu Sandeep especially designed garments for this project where intricately tailored multicolour silks sparkle with Zardozdi and Gota embroidery. The vivid colours are intended to be a magnificent metaphor for exhilaration. Sandeep, himself a vibrant of Kapurthala, was intrigued by Noor Zora – the first ever male Giddha performer. Despite Noor facing backlash for embracing a dance form that is traditionally associated with feminine grace, he blooms under the support of those who accept him – a phenomenon that would be impossible without his admirable audacity. He recruits other men to perform with him and is the head of the Noor Zora group.

Says Sandeep, “I have been familiar with Giddha all my life. When Abu and I met for the first time, that same year we went to my hometown for Lohri celebrations. I remember how fascinated Abu was! Seeing Noor Zora made us nostalgic for that moment and wedecided to honour that memory through this film.”

Friends and family of Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla alongside the Noor Zora group have created a captivating visual experience that captures the ebullience of Giddha in a quintessential Punjabi wedding. Because they wanted to manifest the genuine emotions associated with Giddha, Abu Sandeep gathered their loved ones with Noor Zora and his dancers. No one particularly smiled for the camera because they were already smiling in the moment, cherishing their rich culture and its infinite vivacity. The short film is all set to release on Lohri, a Punjabi festival celebrated on the coldest day of the year to welcome the onset of summer. The tradition involves a crackling bonfire, blazing like a fiery star rising from the earth. Sugarcane sticks are roasted in the flames and then banged against a wall. This banging generates a meditative, bong-like sound. The louder it gets, the more successful the ritual. Punjabi delicacies like Gudd and Revdi are also fed to the fire, making a delicious aroma waft in the air.

“Our work has always been a creative amalgamation of love and audacity. This film unites our most cherished ones with a Giddha group that dares to redefine our culture. It is all about happiness, freedom and the ability to enjoy oneself.”- Abu Sandeep.

As the Punjabi proverb goes –
“Je sukh chahveń jeen da, khulle khambeeń udd.”
Life begins when you are absolutely free.



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