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Halo Bar & Kitchen: Where Global Cuisine Meets Local Charm

Halo Bar and Kitchen

Raising Spirits with Exciting Menu & Inviting Ambiance 

By Rajeshwari Kalyanam

Halo Bar and Kitchen is in the upscale locality of Hyderabad – Jubilee Hills on a road that has the iconic cable bridge making its way to Madhapur and beyond, tens of other restaurants and traffic that tirelessly navigates via the road. Yet, one step into the not to be missed gate of Halo and you are immediately transported into a serene, green space with a dining area spread into two floors. Well-spaced seating flanked by greenery and interiors made using natural material especially wood and cane present a calming ambiance. 

What to Order – Food Menu

While the food menu offers global flavours there are also the local spices and ingredients that are fused into international recipes making the menu local at heart yet international in spirit; while some are a fusion of world cuisines that as Hyderabadis we have fallen in love with. 

Like for example the Coconut Crumb Fried Chilli Prawns or the Crispy Fresh Fried Calamari which uses Sichuan Pepper with Thai Dressing; Signature baked mud crab that is fresh crab meat mildly spice, baked and topped with cheese, Thai Chicken Krapow Lemongrass Spring rolls- which are the all-time favourite spring rolls with Thai twist and paired with tamarind sweet chilli. There are sushis and dimsums in a wide variety, nachos and barbequed delicacies, Asian stir frys and Indian tikkis and Kebabs, pizzas and pastas, pulaos and curries too. 

Also, look out for the nostalgia evoking preparations. Gongura mutton, Guntur fish curry, Bombay Style Irani Mutton with Pao, Childhood Red Fried Chicken Lollipops, Gutti Vankaya Koora are just a handful from the long list. BBQ 5 Spice Chicken & Mushroom Kofta Skewers and Truffle Ricotta Cannelloni are among the restaurant recommendations. 

The speciality of the menu is that it is an interesting mix of classics and innovations – both on the food and the bar. 

Straight from the Bar

The bar counter of Halo is from where cocktails are conjured using fresh ingredients, fresh fruit extracts and innovative techniques to infuse natural flavours minus the artificial syrups. This is in addition to the dazzling variety of spirits from across the world. The specially crafted cocktails give an edge to the Halo bar menu include the rum based ‘Coast’ with pineapple, matcha and mango; ‘Breakfast’ which is an interesting mix of banana and peanut butter with whiskey base; ‘Old Wild West’ – Whiskey smoked with cinnamon and infused with green apple and a regional touch to Vodka by giving it a rasam taste.    

The must try is also the shooter that is named after a popular local dish Pacchi Pulusu that in addition to Vodka has tamarind juice and is flavoured with spices. 

What works for Halo

In short, Halo Cocktail Bar & Kitchen is a hit combination of ambiance, with good food & spirits with a menu that you can keep coming back to – that which allows you to lounge, have fun and indulge to your heart’s fill before stepping into the big bad world.  

Halo Bar & Kitchen
Road No 45, Jubilee Hills