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Kalakriti Art Gallery’s India Art Fair Showcase

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Art Fair

Kalakriti Art Gallery announced its participation in the India Art Fair, unveiling simultaneous solo contemporary exhibitions by Madhuri Kathe and Dhruti Mahajan. Madhuri Kathe’s art delves into mysticism, spirituality, and the interplay of form and formlessness, while Dhruti Mahajan explores the philosophical intricacies of life through her “Circle of Life” concept. This dual showcase promises a captivating fusion of artistic brilliance at the intersection of nature, spirituality, and profound philosophy. Join us for an enriching visual experience as these two distinctive artists converge in a symphony of contemporary expression.

Ways of Seeing: Madhuri’s Spiritual Abstraction


Embarking on Mystical Realism

Madhuri’s exhibition, ‘Ways of Seeing,’ explores profound abstraction, seamlessly blending form and formlessness. Her mystical realism, inspired by nature and spirituality, creates a visual experience rich in profound feelings and energy.

Journey into Serenity: A Spiritual Odyssey

Madhuri’s process is a serene meditation on the cosmos’s inner beauty, rooted in Sanatan spiritual practices. Using unconventional materials like medical gauze and Nepali rice paper, she crafts open-ended, textured paintings that invite viewers on a spiritual odyssey.

Harmony in Hues: The Palette of Serenity

Carefully chosen calming hues, from sea-green to pale yellow, resonate with the overall serene mood. Each color contributes to the charged energy, bringing joy to those immersed in Madhuri’s artistic world.

Inspired by ‘Ways of Seeing’: Challenging Interpretations

Drawing from John Berger’s ‘Ways of Seeing,’ Madhuri intentionally leaves interpretation to the spectator. The exhibition challenges viewers to approach the artwork without preconceived notions, fostering a personal and immersive experience.

Inviting Reinterpretation: Stories in Abstraction

On display until December 20, 2023, ‘Ways of Seeing’ encourages reinterpretation, urging viewers to weave personal stories into Madhuri’s spiritual abstraction. The exhibition serves as an open canvas for individual exploration within the captivating world of Madhuri’s art.

Incompletely Complete: Artistic Exploration of Interconnectedness

Art Fair Art Fair Art FairArt Fair

Concept Unveiled at Art Fair

The exhibition “Incompletely Complete” delves into the profound theme of interconnectedness between humanity and the universe, emphasizing the significance of relationships and the pursuit of knowledge. Despite our unique identities, we are integral parts of a larger whole, intricately connected with the objects and entities in the universe.

Artistic Representation

Mahajan, the artist, extends this interconnectedness to art, aiming to establish relationships between forms and the space they occupy. Circles, semi-circles, and dashed lines symbolize interconnected aspects such as boundaries, energy, wholeness, transition, and concentration.

Simplifying Complexity

Mahajan’s focus is on simplifying complexity and portraying unity, balance, and harmony in life. Using acrylic on canvas, she employs a muted color palette to convey the idea that the true nature of reality is colorless, existing only in perception.

Philosophy of the “Circle of Life”

Describing her art as a “Circle of Life,” Mahajan introduces a complex concept, encompassing polarities within the circle. Each person finds their place, adjusting their center of gravity based on life’s calling, emphasizing the subjective nature of art interpretation and application of this philosophy.

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