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Hyderabad Art Galleries All Set to Shine at India Art Fair 2024

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Art Fair

The esteemed Delhi Art Fair returns for its annual showcase of artistic brilliance, and this year, the spotlight shines brightly on Hyderabad. From February 1st to 4th, 2024, three of the City of Pearls’ most celebrated galleries will take centre stage, presenting a dazzling array of contemporary art that promises to captivate and inspire.

Kalakriti is all set to stage art at India Art Fair at New Delhi 2024

Sachin Jaltare

Kalakriti Art Gallery is all set to showcase a collection of pieces from a varied group of contemporary artists hailing from Hyderabad. The gallery’s exhibition space at the India Art Fair in New Delhi will spotlight artworks by Nagesh Goud, R Giridhar Gowd, Sachin Jaltare, and Priyanka Aelay.

Sachin Jaltare

India Art Fair’s 15th Edition

Celebrating its 15th edition from February 1-4 at NSIC Exhibition Grounds, the India Art Fair solidifies its global significance, propelling South Asian artists into international conversations. Concurrently, Kalakriti Art Gallery unveils ‘Windows to the Gods,’ an exhibition featuring Hyderabad’s finest artists.

Artistic Narratives Unveiled

Sachin Jalare’s visual symphony, using acrylic on canvas, pays homage to cosmic forces shaping the universe. Giridhar Gowd’s mesmerizing miniatures highlight the essence of Shiva and Shakti, reflecting a profound divine dichotomy. Nagesh Goud’s ambitious journey brings Krishna and Rama’s lives to life, bridging antiquity and the contemporary world.

Priyanka Aelay’s Nuanced Exploration

Drawing from the folk story ‘Balanagamma,’ Priyanka Aelay’s dark-themed series employs acrylic on linen canvas for a nuanced exploration. The artists collectively intertwine nature with mythological narratives through a fusion of traditional tales and modern techniques.

Priyanka Aelay

Nagesh Goud

Rayana Giridhar Gowd

Rayana Giridhar Gowd

Priyanka Aelay

Priyanka Aelay

Balancing Tradition and Modernity

Their works serve as a testament to the enduring relevance and infinite inspiration found in the rich tapestry of Indian mythology. As these artists delicately balance tradition and modernity, they offer a fresh perspective for contemporary audiences in a captivating manner.

Dhi Contemporary Unveils Six Dynamic Artists at India Art Fair 2024

Dhi Contemporary marks its second appearance at India Art Fair 2024, presenting a collective of six artists exploring themes like urbanization, migration, labor, family, and the environment. Featured artists includ

Art Fair


e Arjun Das, Leena Raj, Poorvesh Patel, Akhil Mohan, Harun al Rashid, and Sumana Som. Notably, Mohan and Rashid debut at the fair this year.
Amidst the promising 15th edition of IAF, Dhi Contemporary will showcase South Asian contemporary art at Booth A07 from Feb 1-4, 2024, at NISC Grounds, New Delhi.

SRISHTI about to shine at India Art Fair 2024
Art Fair


SRISHTI is poised to make a notable presence at the India Art Fair from February 1-4 in New Delhi at Booth E11. The spotlight this year falls on a solo exhibition featuring the works of Sudhakar Chippa. The artist, known for his exploration of migration and urbanization, employs a diverse array of materials including soil, wood, terracotta, and metal. This unique blend of mediums adds depth to Chippa’s artistic expressions. SRISHTI claims the solo presentation promises an immersive experience, inviting visitors to contemplate the intricacies of human movement and city life, underscoring its commitment to fostering meaningful dialogue through art at Booth E11 at the India Art Fair 2024.

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