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Sankranthi Sambaralu at Secunderabad Club

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Auspicious Sankranti Celebration with “Krishna Geeti” Kuchipudi Performance

Elegant Presentation at Secunderabad Club

The Sankranti festivities commenced on a divine note with a mesmerizing kuchipudi performance titled “Krishna Geeti” by Dr. Sindhuja and her talented students at the Secunderabad Club. The event, held outdoors on a specially adorned stage, unfolded a series of diverse and unique pieces, each delving into the multifaceted aspects of Lord Krishna.

Enchanting Stage Setup: A Festive Extravaganza

The outdoor stage, set against the lush green lawns, featured a raised dais adorned with a charming ornate idol of Lord Krishna placed on a red silk base. Adding to the festive ambiance was an intricately designed tall lamp, casting a beautiful silhouette and enhancing the overall celebratory mood.

Tiruppavai Pasurams: A Devotional Prelude

The performance commenced with a collection of six pasurams selected from the Tiruppavai, authored by the divine Saint Andal. These verses vividly portrayed the heartfelt devotion of Andal, who became the consort of Sri Ranganatha, and her unique connection with Lord Krishna. The pasurams beautifully depicted Andal’s passionate expressions of bhakti, particularly cherished during the Margazhi season.

Artistic Depictions: Andal’s Devotion Unveiled

Dr. Sindhuja, personifying elegance and grace, skillfully portrayed Andal’s devotion through various stanzas. Supported by her talented students – Siri Chandana, Samyuktha, Ananya, and Akshitha – the performance unfolded the story of Andal’s unwavering love for Lord Krishna and her eventual union with the divine in the sanctum.

“Kasturi Tilakam” Delight: Krishna’s Adornments Displayed

The performance continued with the exquisite slokam “Kasturi Tilakam,” where Dr. Sindhuja, with delicate gestures, showcased Krishna’s adornments. From the mark on his forehead to the flute in his hand, the portrayal captured the essence of Krishna’s divine presence surrounded by adoring Gopikas.

Creative Brilliance: Swagatam Krishna Solo Rendition

A highlight of the evening was Dr. Sindhuja’s outstanding solo rendition of “Swagatam Krishna.” The performance seamlessly blended nritta and abhinaya, infusing rich content and creative brilliance. From describing Lord Krishna’s melodious flute playing to energetically enacting his duels with demons, the audience was captivated by the artist’s mastery and expressive movements.


Narayana Teertha Tarangam: Skillful Jathis and Tableaux

The performance reached its crescendo with the skillful rendition of Narayana Teertha’s tarangam “Saranambhava.” The dancers skillfully executed jathis on the rim of a brass plate, depicting various tableaux showcasing Vishnu’s incarnations, including the Protector of Elephants and the Slayer of Demons.

Mangalam: Uniting Dancers in Colorful Aharya

A concluding mangalam brought all the dancers on stage in vibrant aharya, showcasing a colorful and visually appealing ensemble. The meticulous make-up by B. Sudarshan added richness and lustre, earning commendation for his masterful attention to detail. The performance ended with a touching bow of surrender to the Lord, marking a perfect conclusion to the divine Sankranti celebration.

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