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Latest collection by designers Saaksha Kinni post pandemic – Pixel

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Saaksha Kinni’s Pixel collection is an ode to coming out of the pandemic. The latest collection by the designers is a homage to living our best life, albeit in a cool and comfortable way!

This season Saaksha Kinni embark on the world of pixelated prints. A look back at their design journey reflects their fascination with print. More than its mere shape, they wanted to include layers of shading, pixilation and tones of the same colour to add depth and that’s why this season the main focus is on pixilation. Their ikat motifs, stripes, scratch and shaded prints all have been pixelated, enlarged and shaded. Thus, creating rich, bold and exciting shapes and textures.

Latest collection by designers

After a year of various degrees of lockdowns which resulted in a whole lot of comfort dressing, Saaksha Kinni dedicate this collection to women, who want to finally make a bold statement in terms of their clothing all the while keeping it comfortable. The fabrics played a huge role in this decision and consist of cotton silks, chiffons and soft twill satins.
Pandemic has also taught us that artisan celebration is the way ahead. This is kept in mind when the latest collection by designers was created using their own pure hand-woven brocades this season.
The latest collection by designers Saaksha Kinni includes various silhouettes like draped sari dresses, layered dresses, and co-ord sets. Styles are conceptualised to be timeless, easy to mix and match. The pops of colours used are bright and enigmatic and the colour palette includes shades of Pinks, purples, greens and blues. Colours that inspire you to travel once again, to host guests, and to simply lounge in whilst feeling good.


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