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World IVF Day : Mom IVF fertility Celebrates Empowering Couples

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world ivf day

Mom IVF fertility celebrates World IVF Day by empowering couples with assisted reproductive technology

Louise Brown, the world’s first IVF baby, celebrated her 45th birthday, marking a significant milestone in the field of fertility treatment. The occasion was commemorated in Hyderabad by Mom IVF Fertility, an AI-powered platform dedicated to assisting couples facing fertility challenges. The event was graced by the presence of Dr. Poornima Durga, Co-founder and Medical Director, and Harikanth Chary, CEO, of Mom IVF Centre.

Infertility remains a deeply sensitive topic for many couples, largely due to the fear of being stigmatized. However, with continuous advancements in assisted reproductive technology, IVF treatments have experienced substantial improvements in both success rates and safety, providing hope to those struggling with fertility issues.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Poornima Durga extended her heartfelt congratulations to all the fertility specialists, embryologists, and gynecologists who have played a pivotal role in helping thousands of couples achieve the joy of parenthood through IVF. She emphasized the remarkable strides made in reducing risks and increasing IVF success rates to nearly 50 to 60%. Despite these promising statistics, she lamented the persistence of misconceptions about IVF even after 45 years since the birth of the first IVF baby.

“Our goal is to dispel any apprehensions surrounding IVF and raise awareness about the potential and accessibility of fertility treatments. Mom IVF has extended its reach to multiple cities, ensuring that couples have easy access to top-notch fertility care in their hometowns,” stated Dr. Poornima Durga.

Timing is a critical factor influencing the success of fertility treatments, as Dr. Durga emphasized. Couples are advised to seek treatment at the right time, taking into account their individual circumstances and medical advice.

In her address, Dr. Poornima Durga underscored the importance of awareness and proactive steps to preserve fertility. She encouraged women to be mindful of their biological clock, as fertility starts to decline after the age of 30. Social freezing, she explained, is an excellent option for those considering delaying childbearing, enabling them to preserve their fertility potential for future parenthood.

Regarding male fertility issues, Dr. Durga expressed her delight at the progress made in the last four and a half decades. “Innovations have made it possible for men with low or zero sperm count to have biological children without relying on donor treatments. Men can take steps to boost their fertility through a healthy lifestyle,” she advised.

Dr. Poornima Durga stressed the significance of seeking guidance from fertility specialists, as the right intervention can significantly increase the chances of overcoming infertility.

On World IVF Day, Mom IVF Fertility reaffirms its unwavering commitment to guiding and supporting couples facing fertility challenges on their journey towards parenthood. Through the provision of cutting-edge technology, expert advice, and a wide network of experienced doctors, the center aims to turn the dream of parenthood into a reality for many hopeful parents.