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Neha Shetty on DJ Tillu – Siddu is a Friend First!

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dj tillu

Neha Shetty

In an exclusive interview with Fridaywall, before its OTT release on Aha, NEHA SHETTY spoke about DJ Tillu and other fun things in life.

neha shettyI cannot think of one favourite scene. I laughed and laughed through out the film. Even while making it. And I wanted the audience to have double the fun. I watched the film in AMB, and I enjoyed watching people’s reactions to the scenes and how they laughed and enjoyed DJ Tillu’s dialogues, she shares.

People say its okay to have differences, but I feel one needs to be on the same page as far as relationship is concerned says Neha Shetty revealing her idea of a good boyfriend

Neha could not watch the film with the team on the day of release. However, she was part of the success tour in Vijayawada and saw it in bits and pieces at single theatres and calls it an experience to remember.

Neha learnt Telugu while working for Mehabooba. “I was speakingwell when I went to NewYork to pursue a course in acting. During the time I lost touch. But while making this film I slowly got back my fluency – Neha speaks in addition to her mother tongue Tulu – Kannada, Coorg, Hindi, now Telugu and aspires to learn Tamil as well.

So far, I worked with wonderful actors. Siddu is a friend first and later a co-star. He is an amazing person, and as an actor I learnt so much during making of the film.

neha shettyNeha SHettyDJ Tillu, Now Streaming on Aha 

People ask me what next – But, after DJ Tillu I am still thinking because the role of Radhika worked so beautifully for me. I won’t call it experimental, but it was definitely experimental that I chose to do this film at this stage of my career. It has grey shades and I was not sure if I will be able to pull it off, if audience will accept me. If I have to explore my plus and minus – Radhika’s role is surely a plus.

Radhika’s is a strong character despite the negative shade. Neha comments – “No one can influence her to do something. She knows what she wants. We somewhere think being told what to do, overshadowed by man is normal. She is out there to fight and say she is equal. She knows what is right and wrong for her, and has reason for it – she stands her ground for what she wants. She chooses for herself, knows what’s important for her and she is not ready to listen.”

As far as strong women are concerned Neha gets her inspiration from her mother.

DJ Tillu, after a successful run at theatres released on Aha. Neha says she will watch it again this time with some popcorn or nachos. “Everyday, unless I am on shoot, I go to sleep only after watching a film with some munchies in hand.

dj tilluFamous Five with Neha Shetty

What’s your idea of a perfect date?

Under the stars on a moonlit night sitting on a bench / table enjoying a candle light dinner would be my idea of a perfect day. Rest are flexible but, under the stars – is a must.

Are you on Tinder?

Not ever. In fact, I am very worried about what kind of person I may meet on the other end. What if he is a murderer? I guess I am an over thinker. One day if I ever become a writer I will surely write thrillers (laughs)

What was the saddest pick-up line you ever came across?

Right now, I cannot remember but there were so many of them. Some really pathetic ones that boys have used.

What are the three things that boys can do to impress a girl?

Just be themselves. That is the best thing thy can do. In fact for the three things – I would say –

Be Yourself – Be Yourself – Be Yourself

What must they not Do?

Many times, boys try too hard. That is surely a put off. Do not try so much.

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