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Novotel’s Grand Festive Cake Mixing Celebration

Cake mixing

Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre’s Festive Season Kickoff With Cake Mixing Ceremony

Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre recently set the stage for the festive season’s joy and merriment with a splendid cake mixing ceremony. This annual event, a delightful precursor to the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations, brought together guests and the hotel’s team for a heartwarming gathering.

Cake mixing

The festivities kicked off with the age-old tradition of grape stomping, where guests joyfully dipped their feet into barrels filled with ripe grapes. This symbolic act marked the official beginning of the festive season. Following the grape stomping, attendees were elegantly escorted to a beautifully adorned mixing table. Here, they discovered a delightful assortment of ingredients, including Black Currants, Golden Apricots, Rum-Soaked Figs, Dates, Candied Orange Peel, Candied Ginger, Dry Cherries, and more. Donning aprons, gloves, and caps and armed with bottles of fine liquor, the guests were ready for a culinary adventure.

As tradition dictates, the hotel’s skilled chefs will allow this mixture to age for over a month, eventually creating some of the most exquisite Christmas and New Year Cakes for the season.

The ambiance was charged with pre-Christmas cheer, amplified by the sounds of beloved songs playing in the background. The sunlit afternoon cast a magical aura over the day, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere for all in attendance. Vibrant laughter and excitement filled the air, setting a jovial mood for a perfect afternoon. Guests reveled in the brunch, relishing the joyous moments with friends and family.Cake mixing

Mr. Rubin Cherian, the General Manager of Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre & Hyderabad International Convention, expressed his delight, stating that the grape stomping and cake mixing ceremony marked the beginning of a series of celebratory events planned at the hotel. He emphasized the importance of creating unforgettable experiences for guests and expressed his happiness at witnessing guests join in the festivities, dance to the music, savor the sumptuous Sunday Brunch, and have a wonderful time.

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