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Telangana Avakaya – Geetha Bhascker Style, Onamaalu Culinary Theatre

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Telangana Avakaya

Experience the culinary magic of Onamaalu’s Amma Avakai Adhbutaha, featuring making of traditional Telangana Avakaya – the mango pickle demonstrated live
by Geetha Bhascker Dhaassyam


The annual ritual of Avakaya making needs no introduction in Telugu households. Yet when teacher, educationist Geetha Bhascker conducted a culinary theatre showcasing the traditional Telangana way of making Avakaya – it caught the imagination of audience who attended it. The attentive group coming from different walks of life, celebrities, journalists, influencers, entrepreneurs, corporate employees, activists and homemakers – and all bonded over the one emotion – food. While the Telugus who are more than familiar with the annual ritual were regaled by the tales Geetha told them about her experiences while learning to make the pickle, and how she mastered it – the uninitiated just were all eyes and ears as she meticulously mixed the spices and almost like meditation went about mixing the pickle.

Onamaalu’s Culinary Theatre Experience: Amma Avakai Adhbutaha

Onamaalu, a pioneering community initiative dedicated to preserving Telugu culinary heritage, hosted a unique culinary theatre experience titled “Amma Avakai Adhbutaha.” This event beautifully blended tradition and gastronomy, offering guests an immersive dive into the world of Avakaya, the iconic mango pickle of Telangana.

The evening kicked off with a captivating performance of Naatu Dappu by rural women from Siddipet, setting a cultural tone for the event. This was followed by the main highlight—Culinary Theatre, led by Geetha Bhascker Dhaassyam. Geetha, an actor, educationist, and passionate foodie, learned the art of making Avakai upon moving to Hyderabad after her marriage. For Geetha, Avakaya pickle is intertwined with cherished life experiences and memories, symbolizing the joy it brings when shared with friends and family.

Telangana Avakaya

Geetha demonstrated her distinct Telangana-style Avakai preparation, which uses minimal mustard powder and incorporates ginger garlic paste. She recreated the entire process step-by-step at The Culinary Studio, sharing invaluable tips and personal stories that enriched the audience’s understanding and appreciation of this traditional delicacy. She spoke about the strict guidelines to be followed including the appropriate time chosen to make the pickle that is supposed to last year long.

Guests reminisced about their childhood Avakaya memories while indulging in quintessentially Telugu snacks. The menu featured Gunta Ponganaalu with Thurimina Mamidikaya Pachadi, Kobbari Mutti, Rajahmundry Style Tomato Bhajji, and Bezawada Mirapakaya Bhajji. As the perfect accompaniment, guests enjoyed rice mixed with freshly made Avakai and Muddapappu Avakai crafted by Chef Satya.

Telangana Avakaya

Distinguished attendees, including producer Swapna Dutt and singer Smitha, who expressed their happiness over attending the event that brought back their childhood memories. The culinary theatre was part of Onamaalu’s broader initiative to document and preserve Telugu culinary traditions.



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