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As a Mother Your Learn Some & Teach Some – Geetha Bhascker on Bringing Up Tharun Bhascker

Mothers Day

Mothers Day Special Interview – Actor & Educationist, Director Tharun Bhascker’s mother Geetha Bhascker on Parenting & being a woman

“Mothers are eulogized. But then mothers can also be doing things the wrong way. They can also create a lot of confusion. There were many instances I had to correct myself and there were times when Tharun corrected me like this one time when I was complaining about a family member, and he said – “Amma, will you stop! My views and experiences with that person are totally different. Now, don’t come and malign my thoughts about her. I remember his words till date. When we don’t like some one we want everyone to dislike that person. It is not necessary.”


Mothers day

Actor and Educationist Geetha Bhascker,  and mother to the award-winning film director Tharun Bhascker of hit films like Pelli Choopulu and Ee Nagaraniki Emaiyindi shares a few parenting tips for mothers.She says it is important for kids to understand that they need to face failure with the same attitude that they enjoy success.

She also advices mothers not to always think their kids are right and run to schools to complain whenever the kid comes home with any issue. While supporting kids when they are right is equally important – admonishing them for any wrong doing is that much crucial she says. That kind of explains the famous slap from her which Tharun talks about even today. This was when one teacher came to her about some mischief that her son was involved in.

Learning from mistakes makes children stronger, she adds.

Mothers day

“When Tharun made his short film ‘Junoon’ for a competition (the same one that cast Priyadarshi in the lead); I like all mothers wanted my son to win – But when I saw the other films – I told him that there were films that were better than his. I felt that year some really good films were submitted. He was angry then, but today he has learnt to deal with criticism,” she relates yet another personal experience that is an important parenting lesson.

Geetha Bhascker says that Tharun has also learnt not to take negativity too seriously.

As an educationist she is currently working on a curriculum that allows teaching through art – giving live examples. And is introducing the same to several schools. She shares how it is possible to find an opportunity to teach through everyday life as well.

“When he was still very young there were floods in Hyderabad and I took him around in my two-wheeler to show him how privileged we are. People had lost so much because of floods and it was a lesson on how water is so dangerous, even while it is so useful. I showed him the flood situation, and talked about the five elements.”

“Once a boy in his class made fun of his art saying – even though you don’t study well you can survive by drawing on roads – he came home crying. One day, we saw an old man making portraits on road in Begumpet. People were paying him some money; I showed it to Tharun, who was around 6 years of age at the time and asked him to tell his friend that art is feeding the old man who is quite happy with his earnings, and is not dependent on any one even at this age.” The old man showcased dignity of living on his own terms.

Her son, she says has turned out well – a successful and award winning film director who deals with success and failure in a balanced way.

According to her Tharun was timid but has outgrown it. The reason for it she says is perhaps because as a young mother when she faced problems and would cry sitting in a corner she was unknowingly transferring her feelings . She feels she shouldn’t have done it. She believes that parents are responsible for their children and whether it’s happiness or sadness and mother needs to be balanced in front of the kid.

Geetha Bhascker who says she had a rough time as a young mother & wife and has learnt to deal with life as she grew older believes in imparting knowledge & expertise as much as possible, in addition to her life experiences. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her commitment to causes she believes in is inspiring. As a woman, mother, as an artiste and teacher she is striving to make each moment count.

Even as an actor it was a late entry for her. But each time she chooses a role that is impactful in it’s own way – like the one in Shekar Kammula movie Fidaa that got her much fame.

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