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ONDC-Compliant Yaary: Transforming Ride-Hailing for Drivers in India

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Empowering Drivers: The Yaary Revolution

Yaary, crafted by the visionary minds at Hyderabad Auto & Taxi Drivers Association, is rewriting the script for mobility solutions in India. This trailblazing platform, a collaborative innovation, is set to redefine the ride-hailing landscape by placing drivers at the forefront.

Driver-Centric Paradigm Shift

In a bold departure from traditional models, Yaary places auto and taxi drivers in the driver’s seat. With over 20,000 drivers already on board in Hyderabad, it provides them with a commission-free system, granting autonomy over their businesses, flexible schedules, and unwavering support. This shift marks a groundbreaking move, addressing long-standing concerns about fairness and transparency within the industry.

Tech-Driven Evolution: ONDC Protocols

Yaary’s foundation rests on the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) protocols, signaling a commitment to technological evolution in India. Adherence to these standards ensures a seamless, secure, and interoperable experience for drivers and users alike. Beyond technology, Yaary goes the extra mile by offering driver and family insurance, legal consulting support, and responsive assistance—comprehensive benefits that set it apart.

Nationwide Impact: Ambitious Goals

Having successfully navigated its initial phase in Hyderabad, Yaary sets its sights on a nationwide impact. With an ambitious plan to onboard over 100,000 drivers and serve more than two million customers across India within the next six months, it envisions a future where transportation becomes a dynamic, empowering force for drivers and a reliable, efficient solution for users.

Fair Transactions: Redefining Business Dynamics

Yaary introduces a paradigm shift in business dynamics by facilitating peer-to-peer transactions with 0% commission for customers and a nominal Software as a Service (SaaS) fee for service providers—ten times less than traditional ride-hailing aggregators. This unique approach fosters a symbiotic relationship between drivers and users, ensuring a mutually beneficial situation.

Seamless Journey: Joining the Yaary Community

As Yaary propels forward, it symbolizes a transformative journey, redefining mobility and shaping the future of transportation in India. To join this movement, drivers can seamlessly become part of the its community through the user-friendly Yaary Partner app. Simultaneously, customers can experience the difference by downloading Yaary Ride on Android and iOS devices. The road ahead is exciting, and it is paving the way for a more equitable, efficient, and empowering mobility landscape.