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PS Cheese – For Artisanal Cheese on a Platter

PS Cheese

PS Cheese cafe founded by Prashant Sinha offers artisanal cheese made in small batches, fresh and of good quality but with dash of Indian flavours – Story by Rajeshwari Kalyanam

The ambience is a confluence of European art deco and old-world Indian houses with their high roofed rooms except that the roof is transparent filtering out the harsh sunlight but allowing the light, the shadows, the sight of the blue sky, the clouds and the pitter patter of the rain drops.

PS Cheese

It was on one such rainy afternoon I visited PS Cheese by Roastery to taste the much talked about cheese platter – the artisanal cheese that’s painstakingly hand made by the founder Prashant Sinha. Handcrafted with love and passion, adds character to the cheese in addition to ensuring quality and taste, says Prashant, who has seen the raising demand for cheese and decided that he is going to offer artisanal cheese made in small batches, fresh and of good quality but with a dash of Indian flavours.

ps cheeseComplimenting the sweetened cream cheese (with honey), Cow Mozzarella and Ricotta flavoured with herbs and garlic and Feta drizzled with balsamic vinegar that is served on a platter are accompaniments like grapes, olives, crackers and strawberries and other fresh fruit of the season, etc., Served alongside are also the various brews and coffees that one can choose from, the milkshakes and the blends, plus the sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, pastas that are a takeaway from the already popular Roastery Coffee House menu.

PS Cheese enjoys this edge with the tried and tested food menu which Prashant carries forward from Roastery owned by his family. He has invested his energy in mastering cheese making, and creating one of the most elegant cafes where one can see the making process live, and enjoy good food over coffee amidst stunning interiors – minimalistic, classy and modern, and exteriors abound with greenery, and the wooden stairs and balustrade adding old world vibe to this otherwise modern structure.

Coming back to the showstopper on the menu – the cheese platter – it is recommended to try the ricotta with crackers, feta and mozzarella with focaccia alongside the sundried tomatoes, and the non-vegetarians can try the salami or the sausages. The cheese does not have preservatives and uses vegetable rennet and minimal salt is used in addition to culture milk to make cheese which takes minimum 8 hours to make. Mozzarella needs the right Ph balance to get the stretch.

Soon PS Cheese will add more varieties in Mozzarella and Bocconcini and Burrata cheeses to its café menu.

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