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Roastery Coffee House: 7th establishment in Dwaraka

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Roastery Coffee House Dwarka

Specialty Coffee Roasters, Roastery Coffee House Expands to Dwarka

Specialty Coffee Roasters, known for fostering coffee culture, celebrates the opening of its third outlet in Delhi-NCR, situated in Dwarka. This marks the brand’s 7th establishment in India, following its successful ventures in Khan Market and Noida.

Roastery Coffee House Dwarka

Unveiling the Dwarka Outlet

Size and Capacity: The new Dwarka outlet spans over 3000 sq ft, offering an expansive space that can comfortably accommodate up to 60 patrons simultaneously. This addition further solidifies Roastery Coffee House’s footprint in Delhi-NCR.

Global Expansion Milestone

India’s First Coffee Brand in Europe: Simultaneous to its Dwarka venture, Roastery Coffee House achieves a significant milestone by expanding its presence to Finland. It became the first Indian coffee brand to venture into the European continent, showcasing its global growth and recognition.

Coffee Culture Movement

Founder’s Vision: Nishant Sinha, the Founder of Roastery Coffee House, emphasizes that the brand is not just about coffee; it’s a movement. The Dwarka expansion reflects the brand’s commitment to introducing premium coffee to diverse communities across India.

Roastery Coffee House Dwarka

Unique Café Experience

Aesthetic and Inclusive Ambiance: Roastery Coffee House prides itself on crafting unique experiences at off-beat locations. The café welcomes patrons of all ages, offering an inclusive environment. The ambiance is characterized by Modern Indian minimalism, creating a warm and inviting space.

Signature Brews and Culinary Delights

Menu Highlights: The café presents a menu featuring signature brews like ROASTERY cranberry coffee, specialty cappuccino, and manual brew coffee. Complementing the diverse coffee offerings is a comforting home-style European menu, providing a delightful culinary experience.

Commitment to Sustainability and Quality

Zero-Waste Ethos: Roastery Coffee House is dedicated to sustainability and a zero-waste ethos. The brand ensures a diverse array of Indian coffee from esteemed estates like Thogarihunkal, Baarbara, and Tribo. Each blend undergoes meticulous sourcing and roasting, scoring a commendable 86 points or more.

Innovative Coffee Brewing

Technique and Flavors: What sets Roastery Coffee House apart is its dedication to brewing perfection. Employing global techniques like French press, aero-press, pour-over, and syphon, the brand infuses fresh ingredients like cardamom and cinnamon into blends, creating a symphony of flavors that captivate the palate.