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Sampath Tummala Takes the Helm of NRAI’s Hyderabad Chapter

Sampath Tummala

Sampath Tummala Takes the Helm of NRAI’s Hyderabad Chapter

Hyderabad Restaurant Association Aims for Industry Status and Promotes Blood Donation Drive

In a significant development for the culinary scene in Hyderabad, Sampath Tummala assumed the role of Chapter Head for the National Restaurant Association of India’s (NRAI) Hyderabad Chapter on October 30, 2023. This transition comes after a successful two-year term by Chef Shankar Krishnamurthy, during which the NRAI made strides in promoting the interests of the restaurant industry. At the ceremony, notable figures from the film industry, including Allari Naresh, Adivi Sesh, Nandini Reddy, and Raviteja Ravuri, congratulated the new committee members and joined in recognizing the Association’s inaugural blood donation drive.

Sampath Tummala expressed his delight at taking the reins of the NRAI’s Hyderabad Chapter, emphasizing the weighty responsibility of representing India’s fast-growing restaurant industry, particularly in the dynamic state of Telangana. He noted that the Hyderabad Chapter had been a leader within the NRAI and outlined the new Managing Committee’s mission to further enhance its achievements by fostering growth and goodwill among patrons. Tummala underlined the significance of the restaurant industry, ranking as the third-largest sector in the country, with a revenue of ₹4,28,000 crores, of which Hyderabad contributed ₹6,000 crores. The aim of the NRAI is to transform the entire F&B industry into the organized sector, with various initiatives, including skill development and food distribution programs.

Sampath Tummala

Actors Mr Allari Naresh (3rd from Left) & Mr Adivi Sesh (3rd from Right) flanked by (L-R) Mr Faisal Tayabali, Chapter Joint Secretary, NRAI & Partner at Euphoria Bakers; Chef Shankar Krishnamurthy, Director, Fusion Hospitality Pvt Ltd & NRAI, National Managing Committee Member; Mr Sampath Tummala, Head, NRAI, Hyderabad Chapter & owner of The Spicy Venue; Ms Kavitha Mantha, Chapter Secretary, NRAI & owner of Green Organic & Mr Sandeep Balasubramanian, Co-Chapter Head, NRAI & Director, Clipper Foods India Pvt Ltd.

The newly elected office bearers and managing committee members for the NRAI, Hyderabad Chapter for the years 2023-2025 were announced:

– Co-Chapter Head: Sandeep Balasubramanian

– Secretary & National Member: Kavitha Mantha

– Treasurer: Ketan Agarwal

– Joint Secretary: Faisa J Tayabali

– Members of the Managing Committee: Pranay Reddy, Suma C, Sarita, N Sriram, Jiten Lalwani, Yash Trivedi, Shravan Juvvadi, and Ronak Singhi.

Kavitha Mantha, Secretary & National Member, NRAI, Hyderabad Chapter, highlighted the NRAI’s commitment to serving as the central point of interaction for all matters related to restaurants. She emphasized the organization’s multifaceted approach, which encompasses advocacy for restaurant rights, addressing industry challenges, and promoting hygiene. A key challenge addressed by the NRAI is the need for skilled labor in the restaurant industry. The Association intends to offer on-site skills training to help young individuals secure employment.

Shankar Krishnamurthy discussed the NRAI’s initiatives to educate the unorganized sector, particularly in maintaining hygiene and adhering to industry standards. This includes conducting fast-track training sessions in collaboration with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to ensure compliance with hygiene and safety standards.

Sandeep Balasubramanian highlighted the importance of the restaurant industry as one of the largest employers in the country. He noted that Telangana is a pioneer in granting single window clearance for the F&B industry, and he expressed hope that it might also become the first state in the country to grant industry status to the F&B sector.

The newly elected committee’s first initiative was a blood donation camp attended by over 120 participants from the restaurant industry, held at Sage Farm Café, Jubilee Hills. The collected blood will be contributed to Aarohi Blood Center.

Sampath Tummala emphasized the Association’s commitment to community welfare and expressed excitement at hosting a blood donation drive as the new Managing Committee’s first noble initiative.

Actor Allari Naresh commended the NRAI for its blood donation drive and the significant number of blood units collected for a noble cause. Actor/Director Adivi Sesh lauded the culinary progress of Hyderabad, emphasizing that the city was now competing on the global stage.

The NRAI’s Hyderabad Chapter boasts several members with national and international recognition, including renowned brands like Domino’s, McDonald’s, Barbecue Nation, Wow Moms, Mamagoto, Olive Group, Farzi, and many more. It also features numerous beloved local establishments such as Paradise, Absolute Barbeque, Ohri’s Group, Cream Stone, Tibbs Frankie, Fusion9, The Spicy Venue, Thickshake Factory, Almond House, Fat Pigeon, Moksh, Heart Cup, Zero40, and more. This diverse representation showcases the vibrancy of Hyderabad’s culinary landscape.

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