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Little Sancta Maria Students’ Projects Receive Grants and Acclaim

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Eatwise Project by Sancta Maria Students

Sancta Maria Students’ Projects Garner Global Acclaim and Grants in ISP Changemakers Programme

In a resounding achievement, Sancta Maria International School students’ projects, under the ISP Changemakers programme, have secured global appreciation and grants for their innovative approach towards societal betterment. Administered by the International Schools Partnership (ISP), the Changemakers programme equips students with tools to create impactful initiatives addressing community concerns.

The ‘Courteous Conversations Crusade’ project, a brainchild of Sancta Maria students, focuses on cultivating a safer online environment. It tackles inappropriate language through a multifaceted approach: establishing a code of conduct, developing educational materials, employing AI-based content filters, and creating reporting mechanisms for offensive content. The initiative also includes a campaign promoting respectful online communication, collaborating with social media platforms and digital rights organizations.

Meanwhile, primary school students presented ‘Eatwise!’, a project addressing the impact of unhealthy food choices on children’s well-being. It emphasizes a shift towards healthier food options, utilizing educational tools, art competitions, and community involvement. The project aims to foster mindful food choices, prevent lifestyle diseases, and instill responsibility and empathy in the younger generation.

Sancta Maria student Vanika, a proud participant, expressed, “Through the Eatwise! project, I’ve embraced the incredible power of change in every meal. It’s not just about eating; it’s about choosing change – a change towards a healthier, more mindful lifestyle that resonates with the ethos of ISP Changemakers.”

Ms. Ruchira Ghosh, Principal of Sancta Maria International School, applauded the students’ transformative efforts. “Our students are becoming architects of positive change, proving that even small actions can yield monumental impacts. The Eatwise and Courteous Conversations projects exemplify the transformative power of our collective efforts.”

These initiatives showcase the potential for positive impact that students can have on their communities. Through ISP Changemakers, Sancta Maria International School is nurturing a generation of young leaders committed to fostering a healthier, more respectful, and sustainable future.