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Save The Tigers Continues to Serve the Male Ego

save the tigers

Save the Tigers Season 2 banks on entertainment, highlights man troubles, and creates situational humour raising out of the premise, writes Rajeshwari Kalyanam

Rahul, Vikram and Ghanta – The story of three married men who become friends over their troubles in marriage has had a successful first season. Season 2 of Save the Tigers stays true to the format

Save the Tigers is a web series with entertainment at its heart. Season 2 also follows similar narrative with a premise of highlighting man troubles, and creating situational humour raising out the premise – Season 2  and even speaks about a concept called Man Periods – that’s some food for thought surely.

Season 1 ends with the trio arrested over charges of kidnapping an actress. The new season begins to unravel the police case – which introduces a new character – actress Hamsalekha.

Moving forward – a premise for the season is set as Ghanta Ravi (Priyadarshi) agrees to buy a flat as per his wife’s wish to shift to a gated community. On the other hand, Rahul (Abhinav Gomatam) gets an advance for a movie and Vikram’s (Krishna Chaitanya) startup gets funding. Meanwhile the wives (Jordar Sujatha, Pavani Gangi Reddy and Deviyani Sharma) bond over their troubles.

Conflict is invariably a part of any marriage as it is for these Tigers, who set out on their path. As Rahul sets out to write a superhero kind of a story for the actress, Vikram is working along with Harika representing the investors – and these scenarios threaten to create the conflict as the story moves forward.

save the tigers

Season 1 of Save the Tigers has had its share of humour, leaving the audience wanting more – Season 2 too has its comedy moments but the scenes fall short somehow. If Season 1 was bordering precariously on the thin line of turning towards anti-woman – Season 2 does this more intelligently. Even while discussing feminism – it does tend to trivialize serious issues. But that wasn’t a problem with Season 1 viewership – and may hardly be an issue for Season 2.

The reason is simple – Save the Tigers is aimed at male audience & the patriarchal conditioning. The Hail Women Power episode in the pub and the sloganeering on women’s identity hardly changes the focus of the show. The stone age scene is a nail in the matriarchy coffin.

But yet again Save the Tigers doesn’t make a pretense of being a web series on women’s rights. It is aimed at entertainment, and tries to do just that. However, Save the Tigers 2 falls short on that count as well. That might lead to losing out on the main audience.

it is a passable series with some drama thrown in that will relate to married couples, and the performances of lead actors will keep you engaged in some ways despite missing out on a few laughs.

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