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Save the Tigers Review

Save the Tigers

Save the Tigers Review – Its no mean task to make people laugh, and Save the Tigers webseries on Hotstar manages to consistently do just that!

Three couples – Rahul (Abhinav Gomatam) on a sabbatical to write a book and Madhuri (Pavani Gangireddy) a doctor, who is beginning to get miffed by her husband’s lazy ways; Ganta Ravi who has a small dairy farm and is proud of his profession and prefers to live in a basti where people know and respect him and wife Hymavathi (Sujatha) who wants to shift to gated community as she feels her children need to grow up in a posh place; and Vikram (Krishna Chaitanya) who is a creative director in an ad agency and believes in dividing responsibilities and attends school functions and meetings as his wife (Devyani Sharma) a woman’s rights lawyer is busy with work. The men are doting fathers and women independent career women. So, Where’s the conflict?

save the tigers

Like in all marriages women feel misunderstood and men feel pressurised. And this conflict and differences between the couples lead to four episodes of unlimited fun as the writers and director Teja Kakumanu leave no stone unturned to turn the everyday events into comedy sequences. They are aptly aided by the performances of each actor. Priyadarshi who is unabashedly brazen in his demeanour, Abhinav as this totally aimless person waiting to get over his writers block – whose companion in humour is the house help and Chaitanya – the extremely patient and equally frustrated man pining for his wife’s attention – and the three girls, especially Sujatha who sprung a surprise with her debut as an actor – add their charm and might to make this comedy entertainer work well. Then there are Gangavva, Sunaina, Harshvardhan and others to add to the drama and fun.

Teja has balanced the tight rope between feminism and sympathy for male gender and comes out mostly unhurt. It is in scenes like the one with the psychiatrist Devyani where she counsels Vikram (Krishna Chaitanya) and wife you end up taking the narrative with a pinch of salt.

Save the Tigers

That said, the team has aced the art of consistently maintaining the comedy track which is no mean task, and that qualifies Save The Tigers on Hotstar a must watch webseries in Telugu.

The last two episodes tone down on humour and take a turn from a little serious to over the top, which brings down the pace. It may be because you have been riding high on the comedy wave until then.

The family drama takes on a thriller tone as the three heroes find themselves involved in a crime. That leaves the plot open for the next season.

Save the Tigers made by MahyVRaghav is the much needed webseries in a genre which isn’t much attempted and the director and writer Pradeep Advaitam need a pat on the back for the excellent work. Its no mean task to make people laugh. Here’s something on OTT that qualifies for a weekend watch to enjoy with family.



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