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Save your garden from rains

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Hyderabad is reeling under excessive rains and floods, and many areas are inundated. Water in cellars, cars in a mess, houses flooded with water…the situation is the city is extremely critical. For the fortunate few who stay on a height, the problem is of a different kind – water seeping through roofs (will be doing an article by experts on the way to deal with the aftermath), and continuous rain playing havoc with garden that until the other day was beautiful with winter blooms spreading their colourful magic.

Here is a quick to-do list to ensure you save your garden from too much water

👉🏿Clearwater drain holes of your pots
👉🏿It’s the time for new growth so prune your plants
👉🏿Save earthworms, which like in rainy season run out of the pots due to too much of water in the pots
👉🏿remove the weeds as they grow faster and absorb most of the nutrition from the pots
👉🏿 Rotate the upper soil and root feed your plants with compost

👉🏿Too much rain pouring down may have washed out the nutrition; it will serve well to top your plant pots with organic manure

👉🏿Check for water logging and let the water out.

👉🏿Some plants are intolerant to moisture like Carnations, move them into shade if you want to protect them from incessant rains.

INPUTS FROM KIRAN ADENIUMS https://www.facebook.com/kiranadeniums/

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