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Five Cocktails You Must Have When You Are At Social Mindspace

Social Mindspace

Social Mindspace is a new hangout in Hyderabad that offers multiple choices at one address with some good food and great spirits to go with it – the bottled ones and the chilled out vibe too

Raheja Mindspace circle right now is marked by a new landmark – a bar and the café that defies the typical architectural norms spreading length wise to include three different settings under one big name ‘Social Mindspace’.

The 2500 seater is spread out into three sections Social ‘Work’ the serves coffees along with food that is a great option for work day lunches, and weekend get-togethers in the mornings and as the evening approaches serves as a lounge with some great cocktails arriving from the bar counter; the ‘Anti Social’ – hangout space with a dance floor and a bar that opens in the evenings & Social ‘Rock garden’ where the rock scapes and the glitz of the tall office towers around offer a stunning background for an evening café. There is also an ‘Anti-Terrace’ for private parties and live music.

Social Mindspace

As all Social Outlets across India, this first one of its kind in Hyderabad – highlights regional food on its menu. The Hyderabadi Breakfast Tray with Daal, Khichdi, Keema and Marag is hearty. Other dishes like Apollo Fish, Gongura Chicken, Ulavacharu Chicken Biryani vouch for Social’s commitment to hyper local favourites. There are also the tasty kebabs and starters that go well with the extensive bar menu with innovative and signature cocktails and some of the top brands of Whisky and beers etc.

Social is a cost sensitive bar and café with a great food culture to boast of and by virtue of its location is already attracting guests at all times of the day – after all there is so much on offer in terms of food and spirits.

Here are five cocktails that are turning out to be crowd favourites at Social Mindspace.

LLIIT – The Longest Long Island Iced Tea is any LIT fan’s delight – served in tall beaker – the LLIIT is served in its classic version with Vodka, Gine, Tequila, Rum, Triple Sec & Coke – and then there are more potent ones like the Electric with a dash of Red Bull, and Dope that has tracer of Jagermeister, Black & White & Cold Coffee Brew.

A Game of Sling – A simple yet delightful combination of Gin, Cherry Brandy, Pineapple Juice, Lemon & Soda served in a horn glass.

Trip on the Drip – Neat combination of vodka, schnapps, orange and cranberry juice packed into pouch

Vantablack – A simple coming together of vodka, fresh black grapes and grape juice with some brown sugar.

South Pacific Rim – Pouring in white rum and Captain Morgan and adding some pineapple and orange juice with a bit of grenadine to be served in a Tikki glass


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