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True Lover Review: The Other Side of Love Story

True Lover

True Lover, a romantic movie directed by Prabhu Ram Vyas who tried to make a movie with the most realistic approach possible, writes Kausalya Suharika R.

We could easily say that the trend of cinema has evolved after 2016. It’s not anymore about “How they fell in love” to “How they crossed the external difficulties to stay in love and get married in the end.” The movies have evolved with the people who have evolved with globalization and social media. Now the movie trend goes in sync about how realistically they can portray the characters in the movie.

Story: Arun (K. Manikandan) and Divya (Sri Gouri Priya) are in love for over 6 years. They are a happy couple until they part in their career paths, Divya joins a corporate company, Arun is trying to start a new business. How this creates an imbalance in their love dynamics should be experienced on the screen. Arun is a great lover as the title suggested but with so much going on in his life, from his dysfunctional family to career impasse, he is in constant struggle. Divya leads a secure life with supporting friends and family. So, where did the cracks appear in the 6 year long loving relationship and what is the message the director wants to convey is what it is about the True Lover. The way the script draws the comparison between the characters and the way it lets us travel with the story is appreciable.


Acting: All the actors gave seasoned performances, most importantly, K. Manikandan. Arun is rather a tough character to play. It has all the complicated traits which are hard to portray and still keep the audience in his favor. But K. Manikandan did the best and proved himself again that only he can handle anything given to him. Every scene of his, he has brought his charm and turned into the biggest plus of the story. Divya played by Sri Gouri Priya is apt for the role. You can’t imagine anyone else in her role. She owned it and gained the praise of the audience. Next we come to the Arun’s mom, played by Geetha Kailasam, her character played the key role that would guide this entire chaos of the story. Divya’s friends who played supportive roles brought the naturality in the story, Divya’s roommate played by Nikhila Shankar, is just ‘the girl next door’ with sweet and humble nature. She is funny and innocent which is the cutest combination for light-hearted supporting role in an otherwise serious movie.

True LoverConcept: True Lover portrays exactly how few relationships and struggles go on in the current generation. It didn’t deceive the audience with any glamorized characters. You will not fall in love with any character or you will not deny that you accept the character. Except for one character, Harish Kumar which is played by everyone is just living and doing what they usually do without any external enlightenment or pressure to do or behave well. They just live on screen exactly how they live in real life. That one character is the director’s moral compass- the enlightenment he wants to bring in the protagonist.

True Lover


Background music editing: The music continuity is lacking the smoothness to sync with the scenes. Suddenly music starts and stops abruptly, which disturbs the flow of the movie.

Story Narration: The script is in such a way that is truly loyal to the common issues faced in a long-term romantic relationship. This led to the repetition of events which can make the viewers restless, as they raise the questions like why would they do that when they already know the consequence.

Music could have been better. 

Brief Analysis:

True Lover is a movie that tries to teach how issues in long-term relationships can change people whether it is for good or bad. It clearly explains the tolerability factor. What to tolerate and what not to tolerate. And that there need not be any strong physical reason such as cheating with another person or can’t earn a living or physical abuse, to break up with someone, what to tolerate and how much to tolerate plays the key role. Not only in a relationship, this can be applied to any aspect in life. People alone could be the source of the problem. Changing for your loved ones is welcome, but to choose what you change is in your hands. True Lover enhances and brings limelight to the fact: You don’t give something to someone which is already theirs since birth.

Rating: 2.5/5

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