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Venkaiah Naidu Praises ‘Shantala’: November 24th Release

Venkiah Naidu

Venkaiah Naidu Applauds ‘Shantala’: A Universal Cinematic Marvel Releasing November 24th

Venkaiah Naidu, the former Vice-President, showered praise upon the film ‘Shantala’ following a private preview, where he expressed his profound admiration for its outstanding qualities. After witnessing the cinematic marvel, Naidu lauded the film’s universal appeal, describing it as an incredible viewing experience suitable for audiences of all ages and emphasizing its family-friendly essence.

Commending the film’s content, Naidu remarked on how ‘Shantala’ intricately weaves real-life events into its narrative, portraying scenes from the past with a cast of talented newcomers. The former Vice-President revealed a personal connection to the film, acknowledging the emotional resonance it evoked. In a congratulatory message, he applauded director Seshu for navigating the cinematic landscape adeptly, especially considering that ‘Shantala’ marks his directorial debut, having previously collaborated with the esteemed Akkineni family.

Naidu did not overlook the technical brilliance of the film, specifically praising the stellar cinematography and music, noting their excellence. His best wishes extended to KS Rama Rao and Dr. Irrinki Suresh, recognizing their pivotal roles in bringing ‘Shantala’ to fruition. Expressing optimism for the film’s future, Naidu conveyed his hope that it would receive the prestigious National Award.

Presented by KS Rama Rao on the Indo-American Arts banner and produced by Dr. Irrinki Suresh under the directorial guidance of Trivikram Seshu, ‘Shantala’ stars Ashlesha Thakur, known for her role in ‘Family Man.’ The musical score, composed by Vishal Chandrasekhar, celebrated for his work in the super hit film ‘Seetharamam,’ was underscored as a notable aspect of the production.

With a slated global release on November 24th, ‘Shantala’ promises to captivate audiences in Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, and Malayalam, signifying a significant cinematic endeavor poised for national recognition.

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