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Why are Hyderabadi Foodies Lining up for Virat Kohli’s One 8 Commune?

One 8 Commune

One 8 Commune’s ambience, food, spirits from the bar kind, and the Hyderabadis that are high spirited about any new place worth its name – come together to make the new Virat Kohli’s resto bar in Hyderabad – the most happening dining destination in recent times

Is it a passing fad as was the case with several big brands that could not cash in on the initial euphoria or will Virat’s favourites continue to entice Hyderabadi foodies even when curiosity wanes???

Hyderabad’s foodies have always been a curious lot. Any new restaurant, lounge or bar they generously flock the place and it is no exaggeration that the first few months are a cake walk for business. And when it is the darling cricketer of India Virat Kohli’s own brand with a proven record of success – then the euphoria is only justified.

One 8 Commune

One 8 Commune that opened over a week ago is today the hottest and happening resto bar in town. The reservation desk is busy refusing people, even as the 200 odd pack restaurant is filling up to its brim even on week days. Mind you, One 8 Commune is currently open only for dinners starting as early as 5pm and going on till 11. Soon it will be open for lunch as well.

The Interiors – Best So Far

To begin with as the claim goes that the Hyderabad outlet – which is the ninth in series – is by far the best in ambience does not seem like a tall claim – at 7000 sqft – this buzzing space with its wood interiors, wicker chandeliers, and fans that add charm and character to the otherwise contemporary space, the cozy community corners that make this a dining destination for friends and families until it lights up towards evenings gradually moving towards live music embracing a vibrant bar vibe – are a lot to take in – yet the textures and materials seamlessly come together.

The location at Loft, Sattvaa Salarpuria Knowledge City overlooking the glitzy towers with corporates all around – and just a hop, skip and jump over the Cable Bridge for the rest of the folks is not too difficult to reach not to mention the view that only turns fabulous as the night grows darker.

World flavours come together for the Commune

Food in addition to Virat’s favourites – for a reason – is something that one will surely come back for. There are classics and chefs take on the popular dishes; focus is to keep it modern yet cater to the diverse age groups that occupy the tables at One 8.

What are Virat’s Favourites on One 8 Menu?

Vegetarian and healthy for sure – the flavour rich Tartare Topped Avocado, Super Food Salad, Corn Barley Risotto and the Mushroom Googly Dim Sum that has the goodness of three different mushrooms – bright beet root red with a filling of button, white fungus and shitake mushroom, drizzled with the truffle oil which is indeed a sumptuous mouthful.

FridayWall Food Recommendations

The other must tries on the menu Avacado Flat Bread, Lime Chilli Pickle Prawn (south style using raw mango), Bedgi Chilli Paneer, Soya Haleem and Bamboo Chicken specially made for Hyderabad. The menu has a bit of everything – Asian – like the Vietnamese Curry with Jasmine Rice European – the pastas and Risottos etc., and especially Indian like the Purani Dilli Ka Qorma with Khameeri Roti.

From the One 8 Commune Bar

Beverage recommendations would be the gin and tonic infused with passion fruit and served in a Sake dispenser – good to go for a bunch in the community – this dispenser adds to the fun. Try the Caramel Pop as well – Bourbon infused with popcorn.

Virat Kohli continues his stake in all the outlets across India, and food & service standards are closely monitored. This explains consistency in the experience that the customers are taking with them after dining at the resto bar. In addition, by adding new dishes on the menu and trying to cater to the regional palate – One 8 Commune is perhaps here to stay.

One 8 Commune Address

The Loft, Salarpuria Sattva Knowledge City, Silpa Gram Craft Village, Hitec City

Advance Reservations Are Preferable

Cost for Two (Minus Alcohol) – Rs 2000 – 2500 (Plus GST)

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