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S S Thaman Takes the Crown as Most-Streamed Telugu Artist

S S Thaman

Wynk Rewind 2023 Unveiled: S S Thaman Takes the Crown as Most-Streamed Telugu Artist

Hyderabad, December 12, 2023: Wynk Music, India’s premier music streaming app, recently revealed the highlights of Wynk Rewind 2023, showcasing the dominant figures in the Indian music landscape for the year. Among them, Telugu playback sensation S S Thaman emerged as the most-streamed artist on Wynk Music in the Telugu language.

S S Thaman

Top Telugu Tracks: “Na Roja Nuvve” from ‘Kushi’ Claims the Throne

The platform’s most-streamed Telugu songs list was led by the soulful track “Na Roja Nuvve” from the movie ‘Kushi,’ followed closely by “Chamkeela Angeelesi” from the album Dasara.

Playlists Reign Supreme: ‘Telugu Top 20’ and ‘SPB Madhura Geethalu’ Take Center Stage

Noteworthy Telugu playlists of the year include ‘Telugu Top 20’ and ‘SPB Madhura Geethalu,’ both amassing significant streaming numbers and contributing to the vibrant musical landscape.

Innovative Features: Musical Zodiac and Personalized Playlists

This year’s Rewind introduced innovative features such as the Musical Zodiac—an interactive activity badge tracking fan engagement, revealing users’ favorite artists. Additionally, Wynk listeners received personalized playlists featuring their top songs, coupled with special video messages from their preferred artists.

Empowering Independent Artists: Wynk Studio’s Impact

Wynk Studio, recognized as India’s largest music distribution ecosystem for independent artists, boasts a robust community of over 1300 artists. Of these, 55% hail from non-metropolitan areas, including cities in the Northeast. This underscores the platform’s pivotal role in empowering creators by offering a platform for creative expression and addressing challenges related to monetization and visibility.

Versatile Accessibility: Wynk Music Across Platforms

Wynk Music ensures accessibility across a diverse range of platforms, including Android Drive Mode, Android Auto, SIRI, Apple CarPlay, Google Nest, Apple Watch, and Google Assistant. This commitment to accessibility further solidifies Wynk Music’s position as the go-to platform for music enthusiasts across India.

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