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Shattering Stereotypes: Women Empowerment in Sports & Beyond

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Women Empowerment

Shattering Stereotypes Women in Sports, Onscreen, Beyond was the theme for the inspiring discussion held at T-Hub curated by Young FICCI Ladies Organization (YFLO). Dr. Maral Yazarloo-Pattrick, Michelle Kakade, Neha Aggarwal Sharma shared their experiences and insights with Ridhi Jain on shattering stereotypes in sports and beyond.

Dr. Maral Yazarloo-Pattrick, Iranian motorcyclist, fashion designer, and women’s rights advocate, emphasized the importance of resilience and sacrifice in achieving one’s goals. She shared her journey of embarking on a solo world motorbiking tour across seven continents, challenging stereotypes for women bikers in Asia and the Middle East. Dr. Yazarloo-Pattrick highlighted the need for immediate and severe punishment for perpetrators of rape, drawing from her experiences in both India and Iran.

Michelle Kakade, seasoned desert marathoner and Limca Book of Records holder, emphasized the limitless potential for individuals of all ages in sports. She debunked the notion of age barriers in running, citing her own achievements, including completing a 6000 km run at the age of 45. Kakade also shed light on the challenges of securing sponsorships for running events, highlighting the importance of networks and connections in obtaining support.

Shattering Stereotypes

Neha Aggarwal Sharma, former Olympian and Chief Partnerships Officer at Olympic Gold Quest, celebrated the golden period for Indian women in sports, stressing that gender is not a barrier to success. She shared insights into OGQ’s efforts in supporting Indian athletes and highlighted the significant achievements of Indian athletes in recent Olympic and Paralympic Games. Neha also emphasized the importance of safety for women athletes and the need for a level playing field to unleash their full potential.

Ridhi Jain, YFLO Chairperson, underscored the collective force of women entrepreneurs in shaping the future of business and society. She praised the resilience, determination, and transformative power of the panelists’ journeys, which exemplify the spirit of breaking barriers and effecting change. Jain expressed gratitude for hosting such remarkable individuals and acknowledged the significance of the event in promoting gender equality and empowerment in sports and beyond.

In conclusion, the discussion highlighted the remarkable achievements and perspectives of Dr. Maral Yazarloo-Pattrick, Michelle Kakade, Neha Aggarwal Sharma, and Ridhi Jain in challenging stereotypes and empowering women in sports and society. Their inspiring stories serve as a beacon of hope and encouragement for individuals aspiring to break barriers and make a positive impact in their respective fields.

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