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Allari Naresh Promises to Steal the Show

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Allari Naresh did prove himself as an actor with mettle more than once in the past,. This time he does it again. A dark role for the comedy king is being watched out for…And then there is Sumanth who picks and chooses his films. This week’s release is a remake of a hit film. Vishal’s Telugu will not be disappointed as his films release during this lean week.


141 minutes. UA certified

‘Naandhi’ is a realistic courtroom and investigative crime thriller  with an authentic ambiance which touches upon unknown facts in law wrt innocent prisoners!!

What’s hot

  • Comedy king Allalri Naresh reprising a dark role!!
  •  Allari Naresh going nude for a important scene!!
  •  High voltage performer Varalakshmi SharathKumar
  •  Touted as out and out Crime Thriller 

Where : Sandhya 35 mm; AMB cinemas;; PVR; Prasads, Shiva Ganga ..and many more nearest to you !!


155 minutes. UA certified

KAPATADHARI is a neo-noir crime thriller film which features Sumanth Akkineni as a traffic cop along with Nandhitha

What’s hot

  • Sumanth Akkineni 
  • Traffic cop unraveling crime mystery!! 
  • Remake of 2019  Kannada movie – Kavaludaari

Where : Saptagiri 70 mm  ; AMB cinemas; Asian Konark, Muktha ( Ramakrishna) , Tivoli,  PVR; Prasads..and many more nearest to you !

CHAKRA ( TELUGU. Dubbed from Tamil )

130  minutes. UA certified

CHAKRA is a thriller movie based on cybercrimes and e-commerce scams.

What’s hot

  • Vishal!! 
  • The theme . Cyber and e commerce crime 
  • Interesting plot 
  • Stunning visuals

Where : Devi 70 mm  ; Megha ; Muktha ( Ramakrishna) , Tivoli, PVR; Prasads..and many more nearest to you !!

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