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Movie Review: NAANDHI ( Beginning ) for many !!!

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As the saying goes CLASS is permanent !!

In spite of the recent setbacks and flops for the actor Allari Naresh, he breathed fire into the character of Surya Prakash like never before in the movie!! Playing the character of Surya, who is wrongly convicted and sentenced for years in jail, Allari Naresh brings out his best to date. His performance overshadows his ‘Gamyam’, ‘Shambo Shiva shambo’ acts, and stands as one of the finest performances in recent times in Telugu film industry!!

He showcases what a terrific actor he is, given a right character!!

After her terrific portrayal as Jayamma in ‘Krack’ movie, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar proved her mettle again as Lawyer Adya!! She enlivens the second half with her flawless acting prowess and her electrifying body language. Comedian Praveen and Priyadarshi did well in their key roles.

Its not easy to captivate audience with a serious and educative subject. But, director Vijay Kanaka Medala has done his homework and research well to keep the proceedings interesting with stimulating bouts of emotions, thrill and pain at right places during the court room scenes.

All in all, it is a well-deserved different watch and will be a NAANDHI to Allari Naresh’s career in performance oriented roles and new age stories & storytelling in Telugu movies!!

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